Drogan's Yellow Bigarreau (Bigarreau Jaune de Drogan; Drogan's Gelbe Knorpelkirsche; Golden Bigarreau)

Fruit, large and round, more the shape of a May Duke than a Bigarreau. Skin, a fine clear pale yellow all over, and without the least tinge of red. Stalk, an inch and a half long. Flesh, very juicy, sweet, and very nicely flavoured, but not rich.

A very ornamental and beautiful cherry; ripe in the end of July and beginning of August.

Duchesse De Palluau

Fruit, large, one inch wide, eight-tenths of an inch long, oblate, without any suture on the side except what is indicated by a hair line, flattened and pitted at the apex, where it is marked with a yellow point. Skin, thin, of a brilliant red colour, which becomes of a dark red as it attains maturity. The common peduncle is about half an inch long, and the stalk an inch and a half. The fruit generally grows singly and rarely in pairs. Flesh, yellowish, very tender and juicy, with a brisk and agreeable acidulous flavour. Juice, pale red. Stone, roundish oval and thick.

A very fine cherry of the May Duke class.

It ripens in the end of July, about a fortnight after the May Duke. The tree is exactly similar to the May Duke in the growth and in the leaves.

Duke. See May Duke.

Dutch Bigarreau. See Bigarreau de Hollande.

Dutch Morello. See Morello.

Early Amber (Early Amber Heart)

Fruit, above medium size, heart-shaped. Skin, pale amber, with a flush of red next the sun. Stalk, two inches long. Flesh, pale yellow, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

It ripens in the beginning of July.

Early Black. See Black Heart.

Early Black Bigarreau

Fruit, large, as large as the Bohemian Black Bigarreau, distinctly heart-shaped, and very uneven in its outline. Skin, jet black. Stalk, an inch and a half to an inch and three-quarters long. Flesh, dark purple, very tender, richly flavoured, sweet, and excellent.

This is a fine early Bigarreau; ripe in the beginning of July.

Early Duke. See May Duke.

Early Jaboulay (Bigarreau Jaboulay; Bigarreau Gaboulais; Bigarreau de Lyons)

Fruit, large, obtuse heart-shaped, uneven in its outline, rounded at the apex, and marked with a distinct, though not a deep suture. Skin, thin, deep amber, thickly mottled with blotches and dots of blood red of a bright colour; sometimes it is quite pale and amber-coloured, with a little red on it in dots and spots; when fully exposed and allowed to hang it is more overspread with red and becomes nearly black. Stalk, an inch and a half to two inches long, rather deeply inserted. Flesh, quite pale and opaline, very tender and very juicy, sweet, and of excellent flavour. Juice, pale.

A first-rate early cherry; ripe out of doors in the end of June, but in an orchard-house in the end of May and beginning of June.

It is not a Bigarreau, but a Gean.

Early Lyons (Guigne Hâtive de Lyons; Rose de Lyons)

Fruit, of the largest size, obtuse heart-shaped, rather bossed on its surface, and flattened on one side, which is marked with the suture.

Skin, of a mahogany colour, deeply mottled with blood red. Stalk, about an inch and a half long, stout, and not deeply inserted. Flesh, tender, deeply stained with red, and of excellent flavour. Juice, red.

An excellent and very handsome early cherry, ripening at the same time as Early Jaboulay, but much larger and of darker colour.