Rockport Bigarreau

Fruit, large, obtuse heart-shaped, uneven in its outline, and with a swelling on one side. Skin, pale amber, covered with brilliant deep red, mottled and dotted with carmine. Stalk, an inch to an inch and a half long. Flesh, yellowish white, firm, juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured. Ripe in the beginning and middle of July.

Ronalds' Black. See Black Tartarian.

Ronalds' Large Black Heart. See Black Tartarian.

Ronalds' Large Morello. See Morello.

Rose de Lyon. See Early Lyons.

Rosenoble. See Gros Gobet.

Rothe Oranienkirsche. See Carnation.

Rothe Spanische. See Belle de Rocmont.

Rouge Pale. See Carnation.

Rouge d'Orange. See Carnation.

Rouge de Bruxelles. See Carnation.

Rouvrov. See Reine Hortense.

Royal Duke (Donna Maria)

Fruit, large, oblate, and handsomely shaped. Skin, deep shining red, but never becoming black like the May Duke. Stalk, an inch and a half long, united to a common peduncle, which is about half an inch long. Flesh, reddish, tender, juicy, and very rich. Stone, medium sized, roundish oval.

A delicious cherry of first-rate quality; ripe about the middle of July.

The tree is a free and upright grower like the May Duke, succeeds well as a standard, and is an excellent bearer.

Royale. See Jeffreys' Duke. Royal Hâtive. See May Duke. St. Margaret's. See Tradescant"s Heart. St. Martin's Amarelle. See All Saints. St. Martin's Weichsel. See All Saints. Schimmelpenning's-kers. See Gros Gobet. Schöne von Choisy. See Belle de Choisy. Schone von Rocmont. See Belle de Rocmont. Schwarze Tartarische. See Black Tartarian. Seize a la Livre. See Reine Hortense.

Shannon Morello

Fruit, above medium size, round, and flattened at the stalk. Skin, dark purplish red. Stalk, long and slender. Flesh, tender, reddish purple, juicy, and acid. Ripe in August.

Sheppard's Bedford Prolific. See Bedford Prolific. Small Early May. See Early May. Small May. See Early May. Spanish Heart. See Black Heart.

Sparhawk's Honey (Sparrowhawk's Honey)

Fruit, of medium size, roundish heart-shaped, and very regular in form. Skin, thin, of a beautiful glossy pale amber red, becoming a lively red when fully ripe, partially transparent. Stalk, of moderate length, rather slender, set in a round, even depression. Flesh, melting, juicy, with a very sweet and delicate flavour.

An American melting, sweet cherry; ripe the end of June and beginning of July.

Spotted Bigarreau. See Bigarreau de Hollande Staatsbluhenderkirsche. See All Saints. Superb Circassian. See Black Tartarian. Sussex. See Kentish. Tardive a Bouquets. See All Saints. Tardive à Grappes. See All Saints.

Tardive De Mans (Merveille de Septembre)

Fruit, small, ovate, flattened at the stalk. Skin, smooth and shining, clear red in the shade, and mottled with purplish red where exposed. Flesh, firm, sweet, juicy, and nicely flavoured.

This, like Belle Agathe, hangs very late, but it is not so large or so good as that variety.