White Heart (Amber Heart; Dredge's Early White; Kentish Heart; White Transparent)

Fruit, medium sized, heart-shaped. Skin, pale yellowish white on the shaded side, but mottled with dull red on the side exposed to the sun. Stalk, two inches long, very slender, and set in a shallow depression. Flesh, white, juicy, tender, sweet, and well-flavoured.

A very good cherry, but only of second-rate quality, and now rarely cultivated; it is ripe in the end of July.

The tree is an excellent grower and very healthy, but is not a good bearer. At one time this variety was in high estimation, but now that there are so many others that are far superior to it it is hardly worth cultivating.

White Tartarian (Fraser's White Tartarian; Fraser's White Transparent Ambrée a Petit Fruit)

Fruit, small, roundish, inclining to obtuse heart-shaped, flattened at the apex, and marked on one side with a well-defined suture. Skin, transparent, pale yellow. Stalk, slender, two inches long, placed in a slight depression. Flesh, pale yellow, tender, juicy, and sweet. Stone, large and oval.

A good cherry, but only of second-rate quality; it is ripe in the middle and end of July. The tree is a free grower and a good bearer.

White Transparent. See White Heart. Yellow Ramonde. See Gros Gobet. Yellow Spanish. See Bigarreau. Zeelandoise. See Gros Gobet. Zwillingskirsche. See All Saints.