Bigarreau Esperen (Bigarreau des Vignes)

Fruit, large, heart-shaped, and marked with a broad shallow suture. Skin, pale yellow, shaded with crimson, with deeper colour where fully exposed. Stalk, an inch and three-quarters long, stout, and inserted in a pretty deep cavity. Flesh, white, rose-tinted, firm, and crackling, richly flavoured.

A very fine cherry, ripe in the middle of July.

Though this bears his name, it was not raised by Major Esperen, but has for many years been cultivated in the provinces of Liege and Namur under the name of Bigarreau des Vignes.

Bigarreau Gaboulais. See Early Jaboulay. Bigarreau Gros. See Bigarreau. Bigarreau Gros Coeuret. See Belle de Rocmont. Bigarreau Gros Monstrueux. See Bigarreau de Mezel.

Bigarreau Gros Noir. See Tradescant's Heart.

Bigarreau Jaboulay. See Early Jaboulay.

Bigarreau Jaune de Drogan. See Drogan's Yellow Bigarreau.

Bigarreau Lauermann. See Bigarreau Napoleon.

Bigarreau Legrey is a small Bigarreau of a cordate shape, the size of Belle Agathe, and is frequently produced in clusters of two, three, and four on the same stalk, like the Cluster cherry. It ripens at the same time as the Bigarreau, and is more curious than useful.

Bigarreau Marbré de Hildesheim. See Bigarreau de Hildesheim. Bigarreau Monstrueux. See Bigarreau de Mezel. Bigarreau Monstrueux de Mezel. See Bigarreau de Mezel.

Bigarreau Napoleon

(Bigarreau Lauermann; Lauermann's-Idrsche; Late Mottled Bizarreau; Lauermann's Herzkirsche; Napoleon's Herzkirsche). - Fruit, very large, heart-shaped, obtuse towards the stalk, considerably flattened on one side, and marked with a shallow suture, which extends from the stalk to the apex. Skin, pale yellow dotted with red, but as it becomes perfectly ripe these dots are lost in a beautiful deep red cheek, which overspreads the side exposed to the sun, leaving only a few yellow spots. Stalk, an inch and a half long, slender, and set in a moderately deep and even cavity. Flesh, very firm, white, and reddish at the stone, abounding in a very rich, sweet, and aromatic juice.

A most delicious cherry, one of the best of all the Bigarreaus, whether regarding its great size, beautiful appearance, or particular richness of flavour. It is ripe the end of July and beginning of August.

The tree is a very vigorous grower, very hardy, and not subject to gum. It may be grown either against a wall or as a standard, and particularly the latter, as it soon forms a fine, large, and handsome tree. It is also a prolific bearer.

The origin of this excellent cherry is unknown. Its present name is not that by which it was first known, for Truchsess received it from Herr Baars, of Herenhausen in 1791 under that of Grosse Lauermann's Kirsche, which is, in all probability, the original and correct one. That of Napoléon is of more recent origin, having first been given by Messrs. Baumann, of Bolwyller.