All the varieties of cultivated cherries will be found to consist of eight races, into which I have arranged them : -

I. The sweet, heart-shaped cherries, with tender and dark-coloured flesh, I have called Black Geans.

II. The pale-coloured, sweet cherries, with tender and translucent flesh and skin, I have distinguished by the name of Red Geans.

III. Dark-coloured, sweet cherries, with somewhat of the Bigarreau character. Their flesh is not so firm and crackling as that of the Bigarreaus, but considerably harder than in the Black Geans, and these I propose to call Black Hearts.

IV. Includes the White Hearts or Bigarreaus, properly so called, with red or light-coloured mottled skin, and hard crackling flesh.

V. Those having a dark skin and flesh, and deeply-coloured juice, are called Black Dukes.

VI. Embraces all those nearly allied to the Black Dukes, but with pale red, translucent skin and flesh, and uncoloured juice; they are, therefore, distinguished as Red Dukes.

VII. Includes all those the trees of which have long, slender, and pendent shoots, and dark-coloured fruit, with acid, coloured juice, and are termed Black Morellos.

VIII. I have called Red Morellos; they include all those pale red, acid varieties, of which the Kentish cherry is the type.

I. Geans

Branches, rigid and spreading, forming round-headed trees. Leaves, long, waved on the margin, thin and flaccid, and feebly supported on the footstalks. Flowers, large, and opening loosely, with thin, flimsy, obovate, or roundish ovate petals. Fruit, heart-shaped, or nearly so. Juice, sweet.

§ Fruit obtuse, heart-shaped. Flesh tender and melting. * Flesh dark; juice coloured. - Black Geans.

Baumann's May Black Eagle Early Lyons Early Purple Gean Early Rivers Guigne Très Précoce Hogg's Black Gean


Knight's Early Black

Late Purple Gean

Luke Ward's



Werder's Early Black

** Flesh pale; juice uncoloured. - Red Geans.

Amber Gean American Doctor Belle d'Orléans Delicate Downer's Late Early Amber Early Jaboulay

Frogmore Early Hogg's Red Gean Manning's Mottled Ohio Beauty Sparhawk's Honey Transparent Gean

§§ Fruit heart-shaped. Flesh half-tender, firm, or crackling. * Flesh dark; juice coloured. - Black Hearts.

Bedford Prolific

Bigarreau de Mezel

Bigarreau Noir Hatif

Bigarreau Noir de Schmidt

Black Hawk

Black Heart

Black Tartarian

Bohemian Black Bigarreau


Buttner's Black Heart


Early Black Bigarreau


Monstrous Heart






Tradescant's Heart

** Flesh pale; juice uncoloured. - Red Hearts or Bigarreaus.

Adams's Crown

American Heart

Belle Agathe

Belle de Rocmont


Bigarreau Esperen

Bigarreau de Hildesheim

Bigarreau de Hollande

Bigarreau Jaboulay

Bigarreau Legrey

Bigarreau Napoleon

Bigarreau Reverchon

Bowyer's Early Heart

Büttner's Yellow


Cleveland Bigarreau


Drogan's White Bigarreau

Drogan's Yellow Bigarreau

Early Red Bigarreau


Harrison's Heart

Early Prolific



Governor Wood


Lady Southampton's

Late Bigarreau

Ludwig's Bigarreau



Red Jacket

Rockport Bigarreau

Tardive de Mans

Tobacco- Leaved

White Heart

White Tartarian