Belle de St. Gilles. Bee Bed Dutch.

Black Champion

Bunches, large, produced in clusters. Berries, very large, some being nearly three-quarters of an inch in diameter; round, and jet black, and richly flavoured.

The bush is a free grower, and remarkably prolific. This is the largest and finest Black Currant I have seen. The description is taken from branches of it exhibited by Messrs. James Carter & Co., at the Royal Horticultural Society, August 9, 1881, when it was awarded a first-class certificate.

Black Grape. See Oyden's Black.

Black Naples (New Black)

Bunches, short, but produced in great abundance. Berries, large, with a mild and sweet flavour.

Blanche d'Angleterre. See Wilmot's Large White. Cerise. See Cherry.

Champagne (Pheasant's Eye; Couleur de Chair)

Bunches, of medium length. Berries, medium sized, pale pink or flesh-coloured, with darker red veins.

The habit of the plant is similar to that of Red Dutch, but more robust in growth.

Chenonceaux. See Bed Dutch.

Cherry (Cerise; La Versaillaise; Bed Cherry)

Bunches, short, with few berries. Berries, very large, of a deep red colour, and acid flavour, more so than the Red Dutch. It is the largest Red Currant.

The bush is of a dwarf habit, with strong, short, and stout stunted-looking shoots; and it has the objectionable practice of sending up a gross shoot from the bottom, which almost invariably breaks off with the wind. The foliage is large, of thick substance, and dark green. The fruit ripens rather early.

Common Black

This is very much inferior to the other Blacks, and not worth cultivating, the bunches and berries being inferior in size.

Couleur de Chair. See Champagne,


A worthless Red variety for fruit; but the bush is ornamental on account of its cut leaves, which are like those of the Eagle's Claw Maple.

Dancer's Red. See Knight's Large Bed. Fertile. See Bed Dutch. Fertile d'Angleterre. See Red Dutch. Fertile de Bertin. See Red Dutch. Fertile de Palluau. See Red Dutch. Fielder's Red. See Knight's Large Red.

Gloire De Sablons

A very inferior, strong-growing variety of the Old Red, and a very bad bearer.

Goliath. See Knight's Large Bed. Gondouin. See Baby Castle. Grosse Rouge de Boulogne. See Bed Dutch. Hâtive de Bertin. See Bed Dutch.

Houghton Castle (Houghton Red Seedling; Orangefield)

Bunches, long, in dense clusters. Berries, of medium size, dark red.

Bush, of moderate height, with stout brown shoots, and compact habit. The leaves are dark green, like those of Raby Castle, but are small and cockled. The great merit of this variety is that the shoots are tough and not liable to be blown off by wind like those of Cherry and Red Dutch.

This is a valuable late currant, and an abundant bearer.

Houghton Red Seedling. See Houghton Castle.

Imperiale Rouge de Hollande à Grappes Longues. See Baby Castle.

Jackson's Mammoth. See Knight's Large Bed.

Jeeves's White. See White Dutch.