Savantine (Cordillière)

Fruit, round, marked along its length with prominent nerves. Skin, pale yellow. Flesh, pale red.

Singleton. See White Ischia. Small Blue. See Brown Turkey. Small Brown. See Malta. Small Early White. See Early White. Small White. See Early White.

ST. Ursule D'Avignon

Fruit, below medium size, rather oblong, without a neck, and with slight indications of longitudinal ribs. Skin, of a very pale brown, or copper-coloured, paler at the stalk, where it is tinged with green. Stalk, short. Eye, quite open. Flesh, of a very pale rose-colour at the centre, and opaline at the circumference under the skin; very tender, rich, and syrupy. Excellent.


Fruit, about medium size, quite round, and marked with very distinct ribs. Skin, of a dark green colour even when ripe, and without any bloom upon it. Stalk, very short. Eye, open. Flesh, of a dark blood-colour, and firm consistency; thick and syrupy, and with a fine rich flavour. A delicious fig.


Fruit, long, turbinate, very handsome, and regular in shape; marked with longitudinal ribs, which are most distinct at the neck, and diminish towards the apex. Eye, a little open. Neck, long and distinct. Stalk, short. Skin, perfectly black all over, without a trace of pale colour even in the shade, and covered with a fine bloom; it is just like a dark plum in this respect. Flesh, very dark blood-red, with a briskish flavour, but flat, and only second-rate.


Fruit, above medium size, long pyriform. Skin, pale greenish white. Flesh, rose-coloured, but not highly flavoured.

Verte Brune. See Beau Dure. Verte Petite. See De Lipari. Violette. See Bordeaux. Violette de Bordeaux. See Bordeaux.

Violette Grosse (Aulique)

Fruit, large, oblong, and perhaps the longest-shaped of any of the figs except Brunswick, its length being three times its diameter. Skin, deep violet. Flesh, red.

Violette Longue. See Bordeaux.


Fruit, about medium size, oblong, marked with obscure ribs. Skin, quite black, covered with a thick blue bloom. Stalk, very short. Eye, like an eyelet-hole. Flesh, deep red, thick and stiff, rather brisk, good, but not richly flavoured.

This dries well.

Walton. See Brown Turkey.

White Bourjassotte (Bourjassotte Blanche)

Fruit, below medium size, round, and somewhat flattened, with distinct longitudinal ribs on the sides. Skin, green, becoming yellowish at maturity, and covered with a thin grey bloom. Eye, quite closed. Stalk, very short. Flesh, dark blood-red, thick and stiff, but not particularly rich in flavour, though, at the same time, a good fig.

White Genoa. See White Marseilles.

White Ischia (Green Ischia; Nerii; Singleton; Brocket Hall)

Fruit, small and turbinate. Skin, pale greenish yellow, very thin, so much so that when fully ripe the flesh, which is purple, shines through and gives the fruit a brownish tinge; rich, highly flavoured, and luscious. End of August.

The tree is of small habit of growth, a great bearer, well adapted for pot culture, and forces well.