White Marseilles (Blanche; D'Athènes; Ford's Seedling; Large White Genoa; Marseillaise; De Naples; Pocock's; Baby Castle; White Naples; White Standard; White Genoa)

Fruit, above medium size, quite round, with a short neck, and well-marked longitudinal ridges running from the stalk to the apex. Skin, green, becoming a pale green when it ripens. Eye, open. Flesh, opaline, exceedingly rich, juicy, and sugary.

One of the most delicious figs in cultivation. It dries remarkably well and easily. The tree forces well; and the fruit ripens freely against a wall in the open air.

White Naples. See White Marseilles. White Standard. See White Marseilles.

Yellow Ischia (Cyprus)

Fruit, large, turbinate. Skin, yellow. Flesh, dark red, tender, and very juicy, with a rich and sugary flavour. September.