Bec De Perdrix

Fruit, below medium size, pyriform, with longitudinal ribs extending the whole length. Neck, rather long.

Stalk, short, about one-eighth of an inch long. Skin, dark purple, dark round the crown, and shades off paler to the stalk, and on the shaded side covered with blue bloom. Flesh, dark rose-coloured, firm, stiff, and syrupy, with a rich sugary flavour.

Dries well. A Spanish variety. Excellent.


Fruit, medium sized, round, and inclining a little to ovate, marked with very prominent and close-set longitudinal ribs, which extend the whole length of the fruit to the apex. Stalk, very short. Skin, of a deep blue-green, and in some instances with a little brown tint upon it, that gives it the appearance of green bronze. Eye, small and partially open. Flesh, deep dark blood-colour, very thick and syrupy, with a most delicious flavour.

This is the true Bellona; there is a false one, which is black.


Fruit, small, roundish, and inclining to oblate. Skin, black, and shading off to a paler colour towards the stalk, where it is greenish, and covered with a thick grey bloom. Stalk, short. Eye, closed and flat. Flesh, pale rose-coloured, thick and syrupy; very rich and excellent.

BifÈRe De La Malmaison

Fruit, round, sometimes oblong, and with one side of the apex hanging longer than the other; not ribbed. Skin, of a pale hazel brown, covered with a thin grey bloom. Stalk, stout. Eye, closed. Flesh, pale rose-coloured, tender, juicy, and agreeably flavoured, but not rich.

Black Bourjassotte (Barnissotte; De Bellegarde; Précoce Noire)

Fruit, medium sized, roundish oblate, with a short neck, and marked with obscure ribs. Skin, quite black, entirely covered with a fine thick blue bloom, and cracking in lines when highly ripened, Stalk, short. Eye, open like an eyelet-hole. Flesh, deep red, thick, stiff, and syrupy; most delicious.

Black Genoa (Nigra; Negro d'Espagne)

Large, oblong, broad towards the apex, and very slender towards the stalk. Skin, dark purple, almost black, and covered with a thick blue bloom. Flesh, yellowish under the skin, but red towards the interior, juicy, with a very sweet and rich flavour.

Ripe in the end of August, Tree very hardy, and a good bearer.

This is the large black fig so extensively grown in Languedoc and Provence.

Black Ischia (Blue Ischia; Early Forcing; Nero; Ronde Noire)

Medium sized, turbinate, flat at the top. Skin, deep purple, almost black when ripe. Flesh, deep red, sweet, and luscious. Tree hardy, and an excellent bearer; succeeds well in pots.

Ripe in August.

Black Marseilles. See Black Provence. Black Naples. See Brunswick.

Black Provence (Black Marseilles; Reculver; Noir de Provence)

Small or below medium size, oblong. Skin, dark brown. Flesh, red, tender, very juicy, and richly flavoured. Tree bears abundantly, and is well adapted for forcing.

Blanche. See White Marseilles. Blue. See Brown Turkey. Blue Burgundy. See Brown Turkey. Blue Ischia. See Black Ischia.