Bordeaux (Aubiquon; Aubique Noire; Antique Violette; Figue-Poire; Petite Aubique; Violette; Violette Longue; Violette de Bordeaux; Nagronne)

Fruit, large, long, pyriform, marked with ribs; very much flattened laterally, and one side of the apex hanging down more than the other. Skin, quite black, covered with a fine blue bloom, and when dead ripe cracks in white longitudinal lines. Stalk, very short. Eye, open. Flesh, pale coppery-coloured, very tender and juicy, sugary and sweet. Excellent.

Bourdissotte Blanche

Fruit, small, round, inclining to turbinate, and furnished with longitudinal ribs. Skin, green, becoming yellow at maturity, and covered with a very delicate white bloom. Eye, open like an eyelet-hole. Stalk, very short. Flesh, pale rose-coloured, very sugary, rich, and syrupy when fully ripe.

It shrivels well, and the skin, when perfectly ripe, cracks into large white furrows. This is quite distinct from White Bourjassotte.

Bourdissotte Noire

Fruit, medium sized, roundish turbinate, and distinctly marked with prominent longitudinal ribs, even and regularly formed. Skin, purple, covered with a thick grey bloom. Neck, short. Stalk, very short. Eye, a small round hole, the scales very flat. Flesh, deep flesh-coloured, with the thick white rim of the skin surrounding it; rather sharp and brisk, but not with a rich flavour.

A Spanish variety, distinct from Black Bourjassotte.

Bourjassotte Blanche. See White Bourjassotte. Bourjassotte Grise. See Grizzly Bourjassotte. Bourjassotte Noire. See Black Bourjassotte.


Fruit, above medium size, oblate, with an oblique axis, and marked with distinct longitudinal ribs on the sides that extend to the apex. Skin, quite green, without any bloom, and downy. Stalk, very short, about one-eighth of an inch long. Flesh, deep rose-coloured, but not dark; pretty juicy, and with a flat flavour.

Brocket Hall. See White Ischia. Brown Hamburgh. See Brunswick.

Brown Ischia (Chestnut-coloured Ischia)

Medium sized, roundish turbinate. Skin, light brown, or chestnut-coloured. Eye, very large. Flesh, purple, sweet, and high-flavoured. Fruit, apt to burst by too much wet. This is one of the best of figs, ripening in the beginning and middle of August.

Tree an excellent bearer, pretty hardy, and bears as a standard in favourable situations. It forces well.

Brown Italian. See Brown Turkey. Brown Naples. See Brown Turkey.

Brown Turkey (Ashbridge Forcing; Blue; Common Blue; Blue Burgundy; Brown Italian; Brown Naples; Long Naples; Early; Howick; Italian; Large Blue; Lee's Perpetual; Murrey; Purple; Small Blue; Fleur Rouge; Walton)

Fruit, large and pyri-form. Skin, brownish red, covered with blue bloom. Flesh, red and very luscious.

Tree very prolific, hardy, and one of the best for outdoor culture either against a wall or as a standard. Ripe in August and September.