D'Or De Laura

Fruit, below medium size, oblong, marked with obscure ribs. Skin, green, becoming yellowish or dirty white when fully ripe. Eye, closed. Flesh, opaline, very tender and melting, rich, sugary, and delicious. Dries and shrivels well.

Drap d'Or. See Brunswick. Early. See Brown Turkey. Early Purple. See Black Ischia.

Early Violet

Small, roundish. Skin, brownish red, covered with blue bloom. Flesh, red, and well-flavoured.

Tree hardy, and an abundant bearer; well adapted for pots and for forcing, when it bears three crops in one season. Though small, and in the estimation of some an insignificant variety, this is among figs what the Red Masculine is among apricots, and the Red Nutmeg among peaches - nicely flavoured, very early, and remarkably prolific.

Early White (Small Early White)

Fruit, roundish turbinate, somewhat flattened at the apex. Skin, thin, pale yellowish white. Flesh, white, sweet, but not highly flavoured.

Figue-Poire. See Bordeaux. Fleur Rouge. See Brown Turkey. Ford's Seedling. See White Marseilles.

Gouraud Noir

Fruit, about medium size, oblong. Skin, quite black. Flesh, deep red, and deliciously flavoured.

A very excellent fig, which is much grown in Languedoc, and where I have eaten it from the tree in great perfection.

Grizzly Bourjassotte (Bourjassotte Grise; Napolitaine)

Fruit, about medium size, round, and so much flattened as to be somewhat oblate. Skin, of a chocolate colour, covered with a very thin bloom. Neck, very short. Eye, open. Flesh, of a deep dark blood-red colour, with a thick syrupy juice, and very richly flavoured.

A delicious fig; ripe in the end of September.

Gros de Draguignan. See Agen.

Grosse Monstrueuse De Lipari

Fruit, very large; three inches wide and nearly as much high; turbinate and broad and flattened at the apex. Skin, pale chestnut brown, darker on the side exposed to the sun, and marked with darker longitudinal ribs down the sides, and with occasional dark spots, the whole surface covered with a thick bloom. Stalk, short and thick. Eye, large and closed. Flesh, dull red, thick, juicy, and well-flavoured.

A large and handsome fig of great merit, which I found in an orchard in the department of Bouches de Rhone, and introduced to the Royal Horticultural Society. The tree is a good grower and bears abundantly.

Grosse Verte. See Nebian. Hanover. See Brunswick. Howick. See Brown Turkey. Italian. See Brown Turkey.


Fruit, roundish. Skin, quite black, with a reddish mahogany colour towards the stalk, covered with a fine blue bloom. Eye, quite closed. Stalk, stout and short. Flesh, very dark blood-colour; rich, sugary, and finely flavoured. It has a fine briskness in its flavour.

The tree is a very bad bearer.

Large Blue. See Brown Turkey, Large White Genoa. See White Marseilles. Large White Turkey. See Brunswick. Lee's Perpetual. See Brown Turkey. Long Naples. See Brown Turkey. Lucrezia. See Col di Signora Bianca. Madeleine. See Angélique. Madonna. See Brunswick.