Irish Plum

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, dark red, and hairy. A first-rate dessert sort. Bush, erect.

Ironmonger (Hairy Black)

Small and roundish. Skin, red, and hairy. A first-rate variety, of excellent flavour, but inferior to Red Champagne, which is also known under this name chiefly in Scotland, and from which it is distinguished in having rounder and darker red fruit, and a spreading bush - that of the Red Champagne being erect; leaves, downy.

Jenny Jones (Leicester)

Fruit, long, berry from 13 to 15 eighths in lengths, and 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth, thin, greenish white. Flesh, tender, and of excellent flavour. In 1860 weighed 22 dwt. 1 gr.

Bush, spreading, and a moderate bearer.

Jenny Lind (Lockett)

Fruit, long, well formed. Skin, hairy, creamy white. Flavour, good. Weighed, in 1852, 26 dwt. 18 gr. An early variety. Bush, an excellent bearer. Makes stiff, erect wood.

Jerry (Stainer)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, smooth, deep bright green. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 27 dwt. 8 gr. Bush, medium sized, spreading, and bears freely.

John Anderson (Crompton)

Fruit, very long, tapering towards the stalk. Skin, smooth, bright red. In 1864 it weighed 25 dwt. 10 gr. Bush, large, and spreading. A late variety.

Jolly Anglers (Collier) (Lay's Jolly Angler)

Large, and oblong. Skin, green, and downy. Of first-rate quality, and a good late sort. Bush, erect.

Jolly Tar (Edwards)

Large, and obovate. Skin, green, and smooth. Of first-rate quality. Bush, pendulous, and a good bearer.

Keens' Seedling (Keens' Seedling Warrington)

Medium sized, oblong. Skin, brownish red, hairy. Of first-rate quality. Bush, pendulous; a great bearer, and earlier than Red Warrington.

Keepsake (Banks)

Fruit, of medium length, a little tapered towards the stalk; nose plump, and shoulders square. Skin, occasionally a little hairy. Flavour, delicious. In 1841 it weighed 23 dwt. 4 gr.

The bush is very large, and an excellent bearer. The fruit soon gets large, and ripens early.

King John (Smith)

Fruit, of medium length, a little flat-sided. with broad raised shoulders, and plump nose. Skin, hairy, dark dull green. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 25 dwt. 5 gr.

Makes strong, erect, short-jointed wood, and forms a medium sized bush.

King Of Trumps (Lees)

Fruit, plump and well formed; of medium length. Rather flat-sided towards the stalk, and with broad shoulders. Skin, a little hairy, dull greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1862 weighed 26 dwt. 15 gr.

Bush, makes long slender wood, and is a free bearer.

Lady Leicester (Bell)

Fruit, plump, of medium length; the seed-veins a little sunk; shoulders broad, and a little raised. Skin, hairy, greyish white, with a light shade of green from its green veins. In 1852 weighed 30 dwt. 4 gr.

The bush makes wood of a medium strength, which turns a little from each bud, and bears freely. An early variety.