London City (Bratherton)

Fruit, long, similar in form to London. Skin, smooth, pale light green. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 30 dwt. 5 gr.

Makes strong stiff wood, and forms a good bush.

Lord Combermere (Forester)

Large and obovate. Skin, vellow, and smooth. Of second-rate quality. Bush, spreading.

Lord Eldon (Leicester)

Fruit, round, from 12 to 14 eighths in length, and 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference. Skin, thin and smooth, dark green. Flesh, tender, sweet, and very rich. Ripens early. In 1858 it weighed 22 dwt. 20 gr.

The bush is medium sized, bears freely, and makes slender, straight wood.

Lord Rancliffe (Ellis)

Fruit, round, of medium size. Skin, hairy, light yellow. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 28 dwt. 8 gr.

Bush, large and spreading; an excellent bearer, and makes long straight wood.

Magistrate (Diggles)

Large and obovate. Skin, red, and downy. A first-rate variety. Bush, spreading.

Magnet (Bratherton)

Fruit, very long, from two to two and a quarter inches in length, and well proportioned. Skin, hairy, light red. In 1854 it weighed 28 dwt. 20 gr.

An excellent bearer, ripens early, and hangs well; makes long slender wood, and forms a large spreading bush.

Major Hibbert (Etchells)

Fruit, long, tapering towards the stalk. Skin, smooth, light red. Weighed 25 dwt. 15 gr. in 1864.

A very late variety; makes long, slender, trailing wood, and forms a large spreading bush.

Marlborough (Lavington)

Fruit, very long. Skin, a little hairy, light red shaded with grey. Flavour, good.

Bush, an excellent bearer, large and spreading. A new late variety. Grown as a seedling, 27 dwt. 18 gr.

Matchless (Turner)

Fruit, long oval. Skin, smooth, deep green. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 27 dwt. 18 gr. Bush, spreading, bears freely. Makes long slender wood.

Mayor Of Oldham

Fruit, round, from 12 to 13 eighths in length, and 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth, very thin, dull greenish white. Flesh, tender, and of exquisite flavour.

Bears freely, and makes a fine bush, but the fruit is not now large enough for exhibition.

Miss Bold (Pigeon's Egg)

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, red, and downy. Of first-rate quality, and early; it somewhat resembles Bed Walnut, but is better. Bush, spreading.

Miss Nightingale (Walton)

Fruit, round, of medium length. Skin, smooth, greenish white. In 1864 weighed 24 dwt. 19 gr. Bush, spreading; makes strong, pendulous wood, and bears freely.

Mitre (Skellum)

Fruit, thick and round. Skin, hairy, bears freely, greyish white. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 26 dwt. 12 gr.

Makes strong erect wood, and forms a large bush, which bears freely.

Model (Oldfield)

Fruit, tapering slightly, from 12 to 14 eighths in length, and from 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference, with long slender stalk, which is winged at the joint. Skin, hairy, dull pale green. Flavour, excellent. A large variety, but very tender in spring, and generally a shy cropper.

Bush, spreading and large; makes long, vigorous wood.