Rumbullion, Green

Small and round. Skin, green, and hairy. Flavour, second-rate. Bush, erect.

Safety (Rhodes)

Fruit, long and tapering, from 13 to 15 eighths long, and 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth and thin, very pale green. Flesh, tender and well flavoured.

A large spreading bush, an abundant bearer, and makes long wood.

Scotch Nutmeg

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, red, hairy, or downy. Flavour, second-rate. Bush, erect.

Shakespere (Denny)

Large and roundish. Skin, red, and hairy. Of first-rate flavour. Bush, erect.

Sheba Queen (Crompton)

Large and obovate. Skin, white, and downy. Flavour, of the first quality. Bush, erect. Very similar to Whitesmith.

Shiner (Oliver)

Fruit, round, of medium length, the two-veined ones rather flat-sided, but well shouldered. Skin, smooth, light green, shaded with white. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 29 dwt. 10 gr., and in 1865, 31 dwt. 19 gr. This is the heaviest green gooseberry ever exhibited.

Bush, large and spreading, makes long slender wood, bears freely.

Sir Charles Napier (Bayley)

Fruit, round, from 12 to 14 eighths in length, and from 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference. Skin, thin, smooth, deep green, with light-coloured veins. Flesh, tender, and of good flavour, but it is a variety little grown.

Bush, handsome, bears freely.

Sir George Brown (Baker)

Fruit, long, well formed. Skin, hairy, pale dull green, speckled with a deeper shade. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 29 dwt. 7 gr.

Makes long vigorous wood, and forms a large spreading bush.

Sir Sidney Smith. See Whitesmith (Woodward's).

Slave (Sharpies)

Fruit, long, tapering towards the stalk, from 13 to 15 eighths in length, and from 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 inches in circumference. Skin, thin, smooth, dark green. Flesh, very tender, of good flavour. Rather late. A new variety, which in 1863 weighed 24 dwt. 17 gr.

Bush, large, bears freely, and makes long wood of a medium strength.

Slaughterman (Pigott)

Fruit, long. Skin, thin, and a little hairy, very dark mottled red. Flavour, good. In 1852 it weighed 30 dwt.

The bush is an excellent bearer, makes slender wood, a little pendulous. Early.

Small Dark Rough Red. See Small Rough Red.

Small Red Globe (Smooth Scotch)

Small and roundish. Skin, smooth, and red. Of first-rate quality, and with a sharp, rich flavour. Bush, erect.

Small Rough Red (Small Dark Rough Red)

Small and round. Skin, red and hairy. Of first-rate quality, and early. Bush, spreading, and the leaves pubescent.

Smiling Beauty (Beaumont)

Large and oblong. Skin, thin, yellow, and smooth. Of first-rate flavour. Bush, pendulous, and a good bearer.

Smooth Amber. See Amber. Smooth Green. See Green Walnut. Smooth Red. See Turkey Red, Smooth Scotch. See Small Red Globe.