Telegraph (Poulson)

Fruit, long, and flat-sided, with broad, square shoulders. Skin, smooth, deep bright green, with light veins. Flavour, good. Bears freely.

Bush, makes stiff, short-jointed wood. A late variety.

Thick-skinned Red. See Bough Red.

Thumper (Riley)

Fruit, plump, of medium length, the two-veined ones flat-sided, with broad shoulders. Skin, smooth, green. Flavour, first-rate. In 1848 weighed 30 dwt. 9 gr.

Bush, pendulous, and bears freely. A late variety.

Thunder (Fairclough)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, hairy, green. Flavour, first-rate. In 1854 weighed 27 dwt. 14 gr.

Bush, medium sized, bears freely, and makes short-jointed wood, a little erect. A good early variety.

Tiger (Rhodes)

Fruit, long, and well-formed. Skin, smooth, orange yellow, with veins of a lighter shade. Flavour, good. The bush is large and spreading.

Tinker (Parks)

Fruit, long, and well-formed. Skin, smooth; colour, deep greenish yellow. In 1864 weighed 25 dwt. 13 gr. A new variety, which bears freely, and makes a fine bush.

Top Sawyer (Capper)

Large and roundish. Skin, pale red, and hairy. Flavour, of second-rate quality. Bush, pendulous.

Trumpeter (Partington)

Fruit, long, and well-formed. Skin, smooth, dull orange yellow. Flavour, good. A new variety, which in 1864 weighed 27 dwt. 6 gr.

Bears freely, and makes a fine spreading bush.

Turkey Red (Smooth Red)

Small and obovate. Skin, smooth, and red. Of first-rate flavour. Bush, spreading.

Two-TO-One (Whittaker)

Fruit, strong veined and square shouldered, from 13 to 15 eighths in length, and 4 3/4 to 5 1/4 inches in circumference. Skin, hairy, thin, bright golden yellow. Flesh, tender, and flavour, good. In 1852 it weighed 28 dwt. 8 gr.

It forms a large spreading bush, which bears freely, and makes strong wood.

Victory (Lomas)

Large and roundish. Skin, red, and hairy. Of second-rate flavour, but much esteemed for cooking. Bush, pendulous.

Victory (Mather)

Large and obovate. Skin, yellow, and smooth. Flavour, only second-rate. Bush, spreading.

Viper (Gorton)

Large and obovate. Skin, greenish yellow, and smooth. Flavour, second-rate. Bush, pendulous.

Volunteer. See Red Warrington.

Weasel (Walden)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, hairy, creamy white, with light green veins. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 24 dwt. 8 gr.

Makes slender prickly wood, and forms a medium sized bush.

Wellington's Glory

Large and roundish oblong. Skin, thin, white, and downy. Flavour, of first-rate quality. Bush, erect.

White Champagne

Small and roundish oblong. Skin, white, and hairy. Flavour, of first-rate quality. Bush, erect; leaves, pubescent.

White Fig

Small and obovate. Skin, white, and smooth. Flavour, of first-rate quality, and rich. Bush, spreading, but tender.