IV. Skin White

§ Round or roundish.

A. Skin smooth. Alma (Rowson)


Hero of the Nile (Moore) King of Trumps (Lee) Lady Stanley (Webster) Miss Nightingale (Walton) White Rasp

B. Skin downy. Early White

C. Skin rough, hairy. Hedgehog

Lady Leicester (Bell) Mitre (Skellum) Overseer (Wilkinson) Postman (Boardman) Royal White Snowball (Adams) Snowball (Etchells) Snowdrop (Bratherton) Weasel (Waldon)

§§ Oblong, oval, or obovate.

A. Skin smooth. Careless (Crompton) Citizen (Scerratt) Eagle (Cook) Elizabeth (Hollins) Flora (Chapman) Freedom (Moore) Lady Delamere (Wild) Lioness (Fennyhaugh) Progress (Lockett) Queen Caroline (Lovart) Queen of Trumps (Horrocks) White Fig b. Skin downy. Cheshire Lass (Saunders) Sheba Queen (Crompton) Wellington's Glory White Lily White Lion (Cleworth)

Whitesmith (Woodward) c. Skin hairy. Abraham Newland (Jackson) Antagonist (Oldfield) Blackley Hero (Boardman) Bonny Lass (Capper) Bright Venus (Taylor) Duchess of Sutherland (Biddulph) Eva (Walton) Governess (Bratherton) Jenny Lind (Lockett) Lady of the Manor (Hopley) Monster (Baker) Peto (Hilton) Princess Royal Queen of the West (Bayley) Snowdrift (Hardman) Tally-Ho (Riley) White Champagne

Abraham Newland (Jackson)

Large and oblong. Skin, white and hairy. Highly flavoured and excellent. Bush, erect.

Advance (Chippindale)

Fruit, long; the two-veined a little tapered, the three-veined long and well formed. Skin, smooth, light green. Bush, spreading; bears freely.

A new variety, which in 1864 weighed 23 dwt. 14 gr.

Alma (Rowson)

Fruit, plump, and square shaped, of medium length, with seed-veins deeply sunk towards the stalk. Skin, smooth, greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1863 weighed 25 dwt.

Bush, spreading, and an excellent bearer.

Amber (Yellow Amber; Smooth Amber)

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, smooth, greenish yellow. Of good flavour, but not first-rate. Bush, a good bearer; spreading.

Antagonist (Oldfield)

Fruit, long, with large plump nose and broad raised shoulders; the seed-veins broad and a little sunk. Will grow from one and three-quarters to two and a quarter inches in length, and from five to five and a quarter inches in circumference. Skin, hairy, creamy white, veins a little green. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 34 dwt. 4 gr.; in 1863 weighed 34 dwt. 21 gr.

This is the largest white gooseberry in cultivation, having several times been the heaviest berry grown of any colour for the season, and the heaviest white berry ever since 1857. One of the very best either for exhibition or market purposes.

Bush, large and spreading; a vigorous grower and an excellent bearer.

Aston. See Red Warrington.

Aston Seedling. See Bed Warrington.

Arthur (Scerratt)

Fruit, long oval, tapering from the centre towards the snuft and stalk, from 13 to 15 eighths long, and 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 in circumference. Skin, smooth and thin, light green. Flesh, tender, and of good flavour.

This variety is but little grown. It bears freely, and makes a fine bush.