Atlas (Brundrett)

Large, oblong. Skin, red, hairy. Of good flavour, but not first-rate. Bush, erect.

Australia (Bayley)

Fruit, plump, well formed, and of medium length. Skin, smooth, pale yellow, with a dull shade of green intermixed. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 25 dwt. 18 gr.

Bush, large and spreading; a free bearer; makes pendulous wood.

Beauty (Badrock)

Fruit, large, from one and three-quarters to two inches long. Skin, smooth, deep red, shaded with pink, and when ripe covered with a white bloom. A beautiful late variety, well flavoured, but not first-rate. Weight in 1864, 81 dwt. 6 gr.

A good bearer, and makes a large spreading bush.

Beauty Of England (Hamlet)

Large and oblong. Skin, red, hairy. Of good flavour. Bush, spreading.

Belmont's Green. Seen Green Walnut.

Beeston Castle (Nicholls)

Fruit, well formed. Berry, rather oblong, and a little taper towards the stalk; from 12 to 14 eighths in length, and 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth, bright dark green. In 1852 the raiser weighed it 26 dwt. 12 gr.

Bush, large, with strong, erect prickly wood, and an uncertain cropper.

Blackley Hero (Boardman)

Fruit, long, oval Skin, hairy, yellowish white, a little mottled. Flavour, good. In 1860 weighed 26 dwt. 1 gr. A late variety.

Bush, pendulous, large, and spreading.

Bollin Hall (Bradley)

Fruit, of medium length. Skin, a little hairy, deep red. Flavour, tolerable. Weight in 1863, 27 dwt. 2 gr. Makes a good spreading bush.

Bonny Lass (Capper)

Large, oblong. Skin, white and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, spreading.

Bravo (Beckett)

Fruit, long. Skin, hairy, dark green. Flavour, good. Bush, a medium size; bears freely. A new variety, which in 1864 weighed 23 dwt. 18 gr.

Bright Venus (Taylor)

Medium sized, obovate. Skin, slightly hairy, white, and covered with a bloom when it hangs long. Sugary, rich, and excellent, and hangs till it shrivels. Bush, rather erect, and a good bearer.

British Prince. See Prince Regent (Boardman's).

Broom Girl (Hampson)

Fruit, plump, square, and shouldered, from 12 to 15 eighths long, and 5 inches to 5| in circumference, with a very long stalk. Skin, thin and hairy, dark yellow, of an olive shade. Flavour, first-rate. Ripens early. In 1852 it weighed 28 dwt. 12 gr.

Bush, large, makes strong upright wood, and bears freely. An excellent old variety.

California (Hendshaw)

Fruit, round, of medium length. Skin, hairy, dull pale yellow, showing a green under shade. Flavour, good. In 1863 it weighed 24 dwt. 16 gr.

Bush, large, bears freely, and makes long, pendulous wood. A late variety.

Candidate (Crompton)

Fruit, very long; the two-veined ones tapering towards the stalk, the three-veined ones rounded and better formed. Skin, smooth, dark, muddy green, shaded with yellow. Flavour, good, but. not first-class. In 1864 weighed 25 dwt.

Makes pendulous wood, and forms a large spreading bush.