Careless (Crompton)

Fruit, long and plump. Skin, smooth and even, creamy white. One of the handsomest gooseberries grown. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 31 dwt. 19 gr.

Bush, spreading; makes slender, prickly wood, and is an excellent bearer.

Catherina (Travis)

Fruit, long and evenly formed, without ridge or indentation, and beautifully rounded to the stalk, with broad seed-veins. Skin, a little hairy, bright orange yellow. Flavour, first-rate. In 1852 it weighed 32 dwt. 8 gr.

Bush, medium sized, spreading; makes slender wood.

Cheshire Lass (Saunders)

Large and oblong. Skin, very thin, downy, and white. Flavour, rich and sweet. Bush, erect, and a good bearer. Excellent for tarts, on account of its early attaining a size for that purpose.

Citizen (Scerratt)

Fruit, long, tapering towards the stalk. Skin, smooth, greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1860 weighed 23 dwt. 12 gr.

Bush, spreading; bears freely.

Clayton (Walker)

The two-veined berries are very long formed and flat-sided, with broad, square formed shoulders, the berry increasing in thickness to the nose; the three-veined ones rounder and finely formed. Skin, smooth, dark purplish red, with broad, light, conspicuous veins. Flesh, of tolerable flavour. In 1864 weighed 32 dwt. 8 gr.

Shoots, strong and a little pendulous; makes a fine large bush, and bears freely.

Clifton (Rider)

Fruit, well formed, of medium length. Skin, smooth, deep green, of a dull shade. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 22 dwt. 7 gr.

Bush, large and spreading; bears freely.

Companion (Hopley)

Fruit, of medium length, chiefly two-veined, a little flat-sided towards the stalk, with plump shoulders, and nicely rounded towards the nose. Skin, thin and very hairy, bright light red. Flavour, first-rate. Weight in 1852, 31 dwt. 11 gr. An early variety.

A very handsome early variety, suitable either for cropping or exhibition purposes. Makes a fine spreading bush, and bears freety.

Conquering Hero (Fish)

Fruit, very long and well-proportioned, terminating at the snuft with a sharp, pointed, prominent nose. Skin, occasionally a little hairy, of a dark red colour, dotted and shaded, with a greenish grey showing through the deep red. Flavour, moderate. Weight in 1852, 31 dwt. 11 gr.

Bush, a free grower, making long, slender shoots; large and spreading, and a moderate cropper.

Cramp (Badrock)

Fruit, plump and round. Skin, very hairy, dark dull green, shaded with yellow and brown. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 24 dwt. 21 gr.

The bush is large, with strong, erect wood. Early.

Criterion (Livesey)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, a little hairy, dark greenish yellow. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 25 dwt. 17 gr.

The bush bears freely; makes vigorous wood, a little pendulous, and is large and spreading.