Crown Bob (Melling)

Very large and oblong. Skin, thin, hairy, bright red, with a greenish tinge towards the stalk. Of good flavour, and a first-rate variety. Bush, pendulous, and an abundant bearer.


Small and roundish. Skin, thick, smooth, or very slightly downy, and white. Of good flavour, and chiefly valuable for coming in late. Bush, spreading, and rather pendulous; leaves not hairy above.

Dan's Mistake (Spencer)

Fruit, of medium length, very handsome. Skin, hairy, bright light red shaded with pink; the seedveins broad and green, level with the surface. Flavour, good, but not first-rate. A useful variety, either for market or exhibition purposes. It weighed in 1865 31 dwt.

Makes strong erect shoots, and forms a large bush; bears freely.

Dr. Davies' Upright. See Red Champagne.

DR. Hogg (Leicester)

Fruit, long, flat-sided, with broad shoulders and large plump nose; the seed-veins broad and deeply sunk. Stalk, long, with a purple wing at the joint. Skin, occasionally hairy, and covered with a greyish down, deep purplish red, with veins of a deeper shade. Flavour, good. A new variety; in 1864' weighed 29 dwt. 4 gr.

Makes a fine bush, with strong upright wood, which is short jointed, the thorns very stiff, and leaves large.

Double Bearing. See Red Walnut.

Drill (Cranshaw)

Fruit, long; the two-veined ones tapering towards the stalk, the three-veined ones long, and rounder than the others, also better shouldered. Skin, smooth, deep dull green, shaded over with yellow. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 30 dwt.; in 1865 weighed 32 dwt.

The bush bears freely, makes long vigorous wood, and is large and spreading. A late sound variety.

Duchess Of Sutherland (Biddulph)

Fruit, long, oval. Skin, smooth, or occasionally a little hairy, creamy white. Flavour, good. In 1860 weighed 23 dwt. 9 gr. Bush, medium sized, spreading, and a free bearer.

Duckwing (Buerdsill)

Large and obovate. Skin, yellow, and smooth. A late variety, and only of second-rate quality. Bush, erect.

Duke Of Sutherland (Biddulph)

Fruit, very long, tapering a little towards the stalk. Skin, smooth, light red blended with pink and grey. Flavour, tolerable. In 1864 it weighed 29 dwt.

A very late variety; makes long slender wood, a little pendulous, and forms a large spreading bush; bears freely.

Eagle (Cooke)

Fruit, long, tapering slightly towards the stalk, which is long and fine. Skin, smooth, greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1830 it weighed 37 dwt. 12 gr.

Bush, large and spreading; makes long slender wood, and bears well. A good old variety, now surpassed by newer kinds for exhibition.

Early Black

Medium sized, oblong. Skin, dark red, and hairy. A second-rate variety. Bush, pendulous.

Early Orleans

Fruit, medium sized; oval; skin, pale green, hairy, and with a yellowish tinge. Flavour, very good and rich.

This is a fine gooseberry and the earliest of all, coming in before Green Gascoigne and Pitmaston Green Gage.