Early Rough Red

Small, roundish oblong. Skin, red, and hairy. A well-flavoured variety, but not first-rate. Bush, spreading.

Early Sulphur (Golden Ball; Golden Bull; Moss's Seedling)

Medium sized, roundish oblong. Skin, yellow and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, erect, very early, and a great bearer; leaves, downy.

Early White

Medium sized, roundish oblong. Skin, thin, transparent, yellowish white, and slightly downy. Very sweet, good, and early. A first-rate variety. Bush, spreading and erect; an excellent bearer.

Elizabeth (Hollins)

Fruit, long. Skin, smooth, greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1863 weighed 26 dwt. 2 gr. Bush, makes strong pendulous wood, and bears freely.

Emperor Napoleon (Rival)

Large and obovate. Skin, red, and smooth. A second-rate variety. Bush, pendulous, and a good bearer.

Eskender Bey (Pickavance)

The two-veined berries are long, and a little tapering towards the stalk, the three-veined ones of medium length, and better formed. Skin, hairy, very dark red, almost maroon; one of the darkest gooseberries grown. Flavour, not good. In 1864 weighed 30 dwt. 6 gr.

Makes long slender wood, and forms a large bush. A good cropper.

Eva (Walton)

Fruit, long, plump, and evenly formed. Skin, hairy, dull yellowish white. Flavour, good. In 1862 weighed 22 dwt.

Bush, spreading; makes vigorous wood, a little pendulous, and bears freely.

Fanny (Williams)

Fruit, round. Skin, hairy, pale dull yellow. Flavour, rich and excellent.

Bush, an excellent bearer, and makes slender, erect wood.

Farmer's Glory (Berry)

Very large, and obovate. Skin, thick, downy, and dark red, with a mixture of green. A first-rate variety, and of excellent flavour. Bush, pendulous, and an abundant bearer.

Favourite (Bates)

Medium sized, oblong. Skin, smooth, and green. Flavour, second-rate. Bush, pendulous.

Fearless (Addis)

A plump-formed fruit of medium length. Skin, smooth, light green of a mealy shade. Flavour, good. In 1852 weighed 27 dwt. 10 gr. Bush, spreading.

Flixtonia (Barlow)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, a little hairy, bright light red blended with grey. Flavour, good. In 1852 it weighed 27 dwt. 15 gr.

Makes long, slender, erect wood, and forms a large handsome bush.

Flora (Chapman)

Fruit, long, tapering a little towards the stalk, except the three-veined ones, which are long and oval. Skin, smooth, bears freely, greenish white. In 1860 weighed 25 dwt. 3 gr.

Bush, large, makes strong pendulous wood. A very late variety.

Foreman (Bratherton)

Fruit, very long, from 2 to 2 1/4 inches in length, and of uniform thickness the whole length of the berry. Skin, smooth; colour, very dark red. Flavour, good. It was grown by the raiser as a seedling, 30 dwt. 11 gr.; sent out in 1863 at 21s. per lot; and in 1864, the first year after being sent out, was 28 dwt. 20 gr.

Bush, with long pendulous shoots, large and spreading.