Forester (Etchells)

Fruit, plump and short, very even in size. Skin, hairy, bright red. Flavour, rich and sweet, quite first-rate.

An excellent bearer. Makes long, slender, erect shoots, and forms a large bush. An early variety.

Freedom (Moore)

Fruit, very long; the two-veined ones flat-sided, and a little tapered, the three-veined ones long, and rounder than the two. Skin, smooth, creamy white. Flavour, good. In 1852 weighed 28 dwt. 15 gr.

Bush, large, spreading, and vigorous, and an excellent bearer.

Garibaldi (Walton)

Fruit, long, well-formed berry. Skin, hairy, bright light orange yellow. Flavour, good.

Bush, large and spreading, an excellent bearer, and makes long pendulous wood. A new variety; in 1862 was shown as a seedling by the raiser, and was the heaviest yellow gooseberry grown in England that season, the weight being 27 dwt. 14 gr.

Gem (Pennington)

Fruit, round, of medium length. Skin, smooth, bright golden yellow. Flavour, first-rate; bears freely. The bush is medium sized, and makes slender wood. A new early variety.

General (Thewless)

Fruit, long, round. Skin, deep green, with at times a shade of white intermixed. Flavour, tolerable. In 1852 it weighed 27 dwt. 14 gr.

Bush, bears freely, and makes short, stiff, erect wood. A late variety.

General Markham (Dennis)

A good sized handsome berry, from 13 to 15 eighths of an inch long, and from 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth, dark bright green, with light-coloured veins; a very handsome berry, of good flavour. In 1854 it weighed 23 dwt. 6 gr.

A large bush, which bears freely, and makes vigorous wood, with large leaves, which have a woolly appearance.

Gipsy Queen (Leicester)

Fruit, from 12 to 14 eighths in length, and 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference. Skin, smooth and thin, pale yellow, blended with white. Flesh, delicate, and richly flavoured. In 1862 it weighed 22 dwt. 11 gr.

Bush, medium sized, bears freely, and makes long, slender wood. It is an early variety.

Glenton Green (York Seedling; Hedgehog of some)

Medium sized, oblong, narrowest at the base. Skin, rather thick, very hairy, green, and with whitish veins. Of a sweet and excellent flavour. Bush, pendulous, and an excellent bearer. Young shoots downy, and sprinkled near the base with small prickles. Leaves, downy above.

Glory Of Kingston

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, smooth, and green. Not highly flavoured. Bush, spreading, and a bad bearer.

Glory Of Ratcliff (Allen)

Medium sized, oblong. Skin, thick, quite smooth, and light green. Of excellent flavour, and sweet. Bush, spreading, and somewhat pendulous, and a good bearer.

Golden Ball. See Early Sulphur. Golden Bull. See Early Sulphur.

Golden Drop (Golden Lemon)

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, downy, and yellow. Of second-rate quality. Bush, erect.