Golden Fleece (Part)

Very large, oval. Skin, yellow, and hairy. Of first-rate quality.

Golden Gourd (Hill)

Very large and oblong. Skin, greenish yellow, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, pendulous.

Golden Lemon. See Golden Drop.

Goldfinder (Bell)

Fruit, very long. Skin, hairy, light yellow. Flavour, very rich.

It is an excellent bearer; makes long, slender wood, and forms a large spreading bush.

Governess (Bratherton)

Large, roundish oblong. Skin, greenish white, and hairy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, spreading.

Great Western (Coleclough)

Fruit, round, of medium length.

Skin, hairy, dull greenish yellow. Flavour, good. In 1864 it weighed 26 dwt. 3 gr.

The bush is large and spreading, and makes strong pendulous shoots.

Green Gage (Horsefield)

Large and roundish. Skin, green, and smooth. Flavour, only third rate. Bush, spreading.

Green Gascoigne (Early Green; Early Green Hairy)

Small and round. Skin, thin, dark green, and hairy. Very early, and sweet. Bush, very erect, and an excellent bearer.

Green Laurel. See Laurel.

Green London (Oliver)

Fruit, plump, evenly formed, of medium length. Skin, smooth, dark bright green. Flavour, good. In 1863 it weighed 27 dwt.

Makes short-jointed wood, with few thorns, and forms a medium sized bush.

Green Overall (Forster)

Fruit, very handsome, round, evenly formed, of medium length. Skin, thin, smooth, deep green, covered with a grey down or bloom, similar to that on the peach. Flavour, delicious - first-rate. In 1852 it weighed 27 dwt. 6 gr.

Bush, spreading; bears freely. An early variety.

Green Prince

Fruit, plump and square shouldered; from 12 to 14 eighths long, and from 4 1/2 to 5 inches in circumference. Skin, thick, a little hairy, pale light green. Flesh, coarse, but of good flavour. In 1852 it weighed 25 dwt. 4 gr.

Bush, large and spreading, an excellent bearer, and makes strong, vigorous wood.

Green River (Cranshaw)

Fruit, oval, of medium length. Skin, smooth, deep green with light veins. Flavour, good. In 1852 it weighed 25 dwt. 22 gr. Bears freely, and makes a fine spreading bush.

Green Rumbullion. See Rumbullion Green.

Green Walnut (Belmont Green; Smooth Green; Nonpareil)

Fruit, medium sized, obovate. Skin, very thin, dark green, and smooth. An early variety, of excellent flavour. Bush, with long spreading shoots; leaves, close to the branches, and a great bearer.

Green Willow. See Laurel.

Gretna Green (Horrocks)

Fruit, round and plump, of medium length. Skin, hairy, dark bright green. Flavour, good.

It bears freely, and makes strong, stiff, erect wood, and forms a good upright bush.

Grundy's Lady Lilford. See Whitesmith (Woodward).

Gunner (Hardcastle)

Fruit, round. Skin, von- hairy, dark olive shaded over with yellow. Flavour, first-rate. In 1830 it weighed 28 dwt. 18 gr. Bush, large; a good bearer, and makes strong, erect wood.

Hairy Amber. See Yellow Champagne, Hairy Black. See Ironmonger.