Hairy Red (Barton)

Small and roundish. Skin, thick, red, and slightly hairy. Briskly and well-flavoured. Bush, erect, and an excellent bearer.

Hall's Seedling. See Whitesmith (Woodward).

Hastenwell (Challinor)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, thin and hairy, dark red, of a brown shade. Flavour, very good. In 1864 weighed 28 dwt. 19 gr.

Bush, with strong, short-jointed shoots, and of medium size; a free bearer, and an early variety.

Heart Of Oak (Massey)

Large and oblong, tapering to the stalk. Skin, thin, green, with yellowish veins. Rich and excellent. Bush, pendulous, and an abundant bearer.

Hebburn Prolific

Medium sized, roundish. Skin, rather thick, dull green, and hairy. Very rich and sweet. Bush, erect, with broad, thick leaves, and an abundant bearer.


Medium sized, roundish. Skin, thin, white, and hairy. A richly-flavoured variety. Bush, erect, the shoots thickly set with small bristly spines. This name is also applied to Glenton Green, in Scotland.

Henson's Seedling

Fruit, above the medium size, ovate. Skin, hairy, deep red. Flavour, rich, resembling Red Champagne, but quite distinct. In character it is between Red Champagne and Red Warrington. Bush, of erect growth, and very free bearer.

It was raised by Mr. Henson, of Peterborough, and received a First Class Certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1873.

Hero Of The Nile (Moore)

Fruit, plump, of medium length. Skin, smooth, greenish white. Flavour, good. In 1864 weighed 28 dwt.

Makes a medium sized spreading bush, and bears freely.

Highlander (Banks)

Fruit, short and round. Skin, hairy, and very thin, deep red mottled with a darker shade. Flavour, first-rate. In 1852 weighed 26 dwt. 23 gr.

Bush, with long slender shoots, and of medium size; an excellent bearer. An early variety.

High Sheriff (Chapman)

Fruit, plump and round. Skin, very hairy, deep orange yellow. Flavour, first-rate. In 1864 it weighed 28 dwt. 2 gr.

Bush, large and spreading; an excellent bearer, and makes slender, pendulous wood.

Hospool (Whittaker)

Fruit, long and well formed. Skin, smooth. Flavour, good. A promising new variety, which in 1864 weighed 26 dwt. 17 gr. Bears freely.

Makes long pendulous wood, and forms a spreading bush.

Hue-And-Cry (Leicester)

Fruit, long. Skin, hairy, deep greenish yellow. Flavour, not good. In 1864 it weighed 27 dwt. 16 gr. The bush is medium sized, bears freely, and makes stiff, short-jointed, erect wood.

Husbandman (Foster)

Large and obovate. Skin, yellow, and downy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, erect.

Independent (Brigg)

Large and obovate. Skin, green, and smooth. Of second-rate quality. Bush, erect, and a good bearer.

Invincible (Heywood)

Large, and roundish oblong. Skin, yellow, and downy. Of second-rate quality. Bush, erect.