I. Skin Red

§ Round or roundish.

A. Skin smooth. Prince Regent (Boardman) Small Red Globe

B. Skin downy. Miss Bold

Scotch Nutmeg

C Skin rough, ha:ry. Forester (Etchells) Hairy Red (Barton) Highlander (Banks)

Irish Plum


Lancashire Lad (Hartshorn)

Napoleon le Grand (Rogers)


Rifleman (Leigh)

Rough Red

Scotch Nutmeg

Shakespere (Denny)

Small Rough Red

Top Sawyer (Capper)

Victory (Lomas)

§§ Oblong, oval, or oboavte.

A. Skin smooth.

Beauty (Badrock) Conquering Hero (Fish) Clayton (Walker) Dr. Hogg (Leicester) Duke of Sutherland (Biddulph) Emperor Napoleon (Rival) Foreman (Bratherton) John Anderson (Crompton) London (Banks) Major Hibbert (Etchells) Marlborough (Lavington) Old England (Rider) Plough Boy (Walton) Red Turkey Ringleader (Johnson) Roaring Lion (Farrow) Sportsman (Chadwick) Talfourd (Penson) Wilmot's Early Red Wonderful (Saunders)

B. Skin downy. Farmer's Glory (Berry) Magistrate (Diggles) Red Walnut c. Skin rough, hairy. Atlas (Brundrett)

Beauty of England (Hamlet) Bollin Hall (Bradley) Companion (Hopley) Crown Bob (Melling) Dan's Mistake (Spencer) Early Black Early Rough Red Eskender Bey (Pickavance) Flixtonia (Barlow) Hasten well (Challinor) Henson's Seedling Keens' Seedling Lion's Provider (Fish) Magnet (Bratherton) Monarch (Bratherton) Mr. Chambers (Hewitt) Overall (Bratherton) Pastime (Bratherton) Red Champagne Red Mogul Red Oval

Red Robin (Jacques) Red Warrington Registrar (Wilkinson) Rob Roy

Slaughterman (Pigott) Speedwell (Poulson) Yaxley Hero (Speechley)

II. Skin Yellow

§ Round or roundish.

A. Skin smooth. Amber

Gem (Pennington) Railway (Livesey) Yellow Ball b. Skin downy. Golden Drop Rumbullion

C. Skin rough, hairy. Broom Girl

California (Henshaw) Cramp (Bradrock) Fanny (Williams) Great Western (Colcleugh) Gunner (Hardcastle) High Sheriff (Chapman) Lord Rancliffe (Ellis) Pretty Boy (Orchard) Rockwood (Prophet) Sulphur

Yellow Champagne Yellow Warrington

§§ Oblong, oval, or obovate.

A. Skin smooth. Australia (Bayley) Candidate (Crompton) Drill (Cranshaw) Duckswing (Buerdsill) Early Orleans Leader (Pigott) Leveller (Greenhalgh) Lord Combermere (Forester) Oldham (Rhodes) Oyster Girl (Wilkinson) Smiling Beauty (Beaumont)

Stella (Leicester) Tiger (Rhodes) Trumpeter (Partington) Tinker (Park) Victory (Mather) Viper (Gorton)

B. Skin downy. Husbandman (Foster) Invincible (Heywood) Prince of Orange (Bell) c. Skin rough, hairy. Catherina (Travis) Conquering Hero (Catlow) Criterion (Livesey) Early Sulphur Garibaldi (Walton) Golden Fleece (Part) Golden Gourd (Hill)

Goldfinder (Bell) Hue-and-Cry (Leicester) Mount Pleasant (Heape) Mr. Whittaker (Etchells) Pilot (Wood) Peru (Cook) Yellowsmith

III. Skin Green

§ Round or roundish.

A. Skin smooth. Fearless (Addis) Glory of Kingston Green Gage (Horsefield) Green London (Oliver) Green Overall (Foster) Jerry (Stanier) Queen Victoria (Swift) Shiner (Oliver) Thumper (Riley) b. Skin downy. Green Willow Perfection (Gregory)

C. Skin rough, hairy. Green Gascoigne Green Rumbullion Hebburn Prolific King John (Smith) Norcliffe (Walton) Rough Green (Dutton) Thunder (Fairclough)

§§ Oblong, oval, or obovate.

A. Skin smooth. Advance (Chippendale) Arthur

Beeston Castle Clifton (Ryder) Favourite (Bates) General (Thewless) Glory of Ratcliff (Allen) Green River (Cranshaw) Green Walnut Heart of Oak (Massey) Hospool (Whittaker) Independent (Briggs) Jolly Tar (Edwards) Keepsake (Banks) London City (Bratherton) Matchless (Turner)

Pitmaston Green Gage Plunder (Wood) Stockwell (Duke) Souter Johnny (Cranshaw) Surprise (Moscroft) Telegraph (Poulson)

B. Skin downy. Jolly Angler (Collier) Laurel (Parkinson) Profit (Prophet)

C. Skin rough, hairy. Bravo (Beckett) Glenton Green Gretna Green (Horrocks) Sir George Brown (Raker) Wistaston Hero (Bratherton)