Ingram's Hardy Prolific Muscat

Bunches, long and tapering, not shouldered, from nine inches to a foot in length. Berries, medium sized, perfectly oval, and well set. Skin, quite black, covered with blue bloom. Flesh, moderately firm, juicy, sugary, with a sprightly and rich flavour, having a faint trace of Muscat aroma.

This is an excellent grape, and remarkably prolific. The wood is very short-jointed, and the vine, which succeeds well in a cool greenhouse, is very subject to mildew.

It was raised by the late Mr. Thomas Ingram, garderer to Her Majesty at Frog-more, and received a first-class certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1861.


Bunches, large. Berries, large and oval. Skin, thin, of a dark purple colour, almost black, and covered with bloom. Flesh, tender, juicy, sweet, and vinous, with a musky flavour.

This is a variety of Vitis Labrusca, a native American grape, cultivated in the open air in the United States, both for the dessert and for wine; but it is not of much account in England.

Ischia (Noir Précoce de Gęnes; Uva di tri volte)

The bunches and berries of this variety very much resemble those of Black Cluster; but the fruit ripens as early as that of Black July, and is very much superior in flavour to that variety. Berries, medium sized, black, very juicy, sweet, and vinous.

The vine is very vigorous and luxuriant in its growth, and bears abundantly, if not pruned too closely. In Italy it produces three crops in a year by stopping the shoot two or three joints beyond the last bunch, just as the flower has fallen and the berries set; new shoots are started from the joints that are left, and also bear fruit, and these being again stopped, a third crop is obtained. This variety succeeds admirably against a wall in the open air.

Jacob's Traube. See Black July,

Jew's. See Syrian.

Joannec. See St. John's.

Joannenc. See St. John's.

Josling's St. Albans. See Chasselas Musque.

July. See Black July.

July Frontignan (Muscat de Juillet)

This is a very early variety, having a distinct Muscat flavour. It was introduced by Mr. Rivers, who describes it as follows: - Berries, round, purple, of medium size, rich, juicy, and excellent.

This grape will ripen on a wall, as it is one of the earliest of its race, and is well adapted for pot culture in the orchard-house.

Jura Froxtignan (Muscat Noir de Jura)

Bunches, long and tapering, very slightly shouldered, and larger than those of Black Frontignan. Berries, above medium size, round, and well set. Skin, deep purplish black, covered with thin blue bloom. Flesh, tender, very juicy, richly flavoured, and with a fine, but not powerful Muscat aroma.

This is a valuable grape. The vine is a prolific bearer. The leaves die purple mottled.

Kempsey Alicante. See Morocco.

Knevett's Black Hamburgh. See Black Hamburgh..

Krach Gutedel. See Early Chasselas.

Kriechentraube. See Grosse Kölner.

Laan Hâtif. See Scotch White Cluster.