Muscat Champion (Champion Hamburgh Muscat)

Bunches, very large, resembling those of the Mill Hill Hamburgh; well shouldered. Berries, large, roundish, and inclining to oblate, generally much hammered. Skin, grizzly, inclining to black, and covered with a delicate bloom. Flesh, tender, juicy, and rich, with a distinct Frontignan flavour.

This is a splendid grape, and one of the best in cultivation. The bunches and berries are as large as those of Mill Hill Hamburgh, and the flavour is the same as of that variety, with the fine aroma of the Frontignans superadded. It succeeds with the same treatment as the Black Hamburgh; and ripens well in a house without artificial heat.

It was raised by Mr. William Melville, gardener to the Earl of Rosebery, at Dalmeny Park, near Edinburgh, by fertilising Mill Hill Hamburgh with Canon Hall Muscat, and it possesses the merits of both parents.

Muscat Citronelle. See Citron Frontignan. Muscat Escholata. See Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat Eugenien. See Early Auvergne Frontignan. Muscat Fleur d'Oranger. See Chasselas Musqué. Muscat Grec. See Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat Gris. See Red Frontignan. Muscat Hamburgh. See Black Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat of Jerusalem. See Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat de Jesus. See Chasselas Musqué. Muscat de Juillet. See July Frontignan.

Muscat St. Laurent

Bunches, similar to those of Royal Muscadine. Berries, small, roundish oval. Skin, thin, greenish yellow, becoming pale amber when thoroughly ripenod. Flesh, very tender, melting, and juicy, with a refreshing, juicy, and a distinct Muscat aroma.

This variety, introduced by Mr. Rivers, that gentleman says, is very early, and will ripen on a wall with the Sweetwater. It is well adapted for pot culture in the orchard-house and in cool vineries.

Muscat Lierval. See Lierval's Frontignan. Muscat of Lunel. See Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat Muscadine. See Chasselas Musqué. Muscat Noir de Naples. See Neapolitan Frontignan. Muscat Noir. See Black Frontignan.

Muscat Noir d'Angers. See Angers Frontignan.

Muscat Noir de Jura. See Jura Frontignan.

Muscat Noir de Madère. See Madeira Frontignan.

Muscat Noir de Meurthe. See Meurthe Frontignan.

Muscat Noir Ordinaire. See Black Frontignan.

Muscat Ottonel. See Ottonel Frontignan.

Muscat Precoce d'Août. See Early Black Muscat.

Muscat Précoce du Puy de Dome. See Early Auvergne Frontignan.

Muscat Primavis. See Early White Frontignan.

Muscat du Puy de Dome. See Early Auvergne Frontignan.

Muscat Regnier. See Salamon's Frontignan,

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Muscat Rouge. See Red Frontignan.

Muscat Rouge de Madère. See Madeira Frontignan.

Muscat de Sarbelle. See Sarbelle Frontignan.

Muscat de Saumur. See Early Saumur Frontignan.

Muscat de Smyrne. See Early Smyrna Frontignan.

Muscat Trovèren. See Trovéren Frontignan.

Muscat Violet de Seine et Marne. See Meurthe Frontignan.

Muscatellier Noir. See Black Hamburgh.