White Sweetwater (Water Zoet)

This differs from the Dutch Sweetwater in producing smaller bunches and berries, and in having a thin watery juice. It is not now often met with, and is perhaps quite out of cultivation. The White Sweetwater of Speechly is Dutch Sweetwater.

White Tokay

Bunches, rather large and compact, from nine inches to a foot long, and broad shouldered. Berries, large and ovate. Skin, thin, pale coloured, but assuming an amber colour at maturity. Flesh, tender and juicy, with a rich flavour.

This, in the size of the bunch, resembles Muscat of Alexandria, but it is much more compact, and the fruit has not the slightest trace of the Muscat flavour. This is one of the best late-hanging white grapes in cultivation, and far surpasses the Calabrian Raisin and the Treb-biano. Mr. Hill, of Keele Hall, grew it very successfully. In the north of England the Muscat of Alexandria is sometimes called Tokay, or Charlesworth Tokay.

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