I. Berries Round, Or Nearly So

a. Muscats, Angers Frontignan August Frontignan Black Frontignan Caillaba

Early Black Frontignan July Frontignan Lierval's Frontignan Meurthe Frontignan Muscat Champion Neapolitan Frontignan Purple Constantia Sarbelle Frontignan b. Not Muscats. Aramon

Black or Purple.

Bidwill's Seedling Black Corinth Black Damascus Black July Black Muscadine Black Sweetwater Dutch Hamburgh Early Black Bordeaux Espiran Fintindo Frankenthal Gros Guillaume Grosse Kölner Miller's Burgundy Mill Hill Hamburgh

* * Red, Tawny, or Striped.

A. Muscats. Red Frontignan Madeira Frontignan b. Not Muscats. Ahbee Aleppo


Chasselas de Falloux

Fendant Rose

Gromier du Cantal


Red Chasselas

*** White, Yellow, or Green.

a. Muscats. Ascot Citronelle Chasselas Musqué Citron Frontignan Doctor Hogg Duchess of Buccleach Early Ascot Frontignan Early Auvergne Frontignan Early Saumur Frontignan Early Silver Frontignan Early Smyrna Frontignan Early White Frontignan Ottonel Frontignan Salamon's Frontignan Trovéren Frontignan White Frontignan b. Not Muscats. Buckland Sweetwater Calabrian Raisin Chaptal

Chasselas Duhamel Chasselas de Florence

Chasselas Marés Chasselas Royal Chasselas Vibert Ciotat

Duc de Malakoff Duke of Buccleuch Dutch Sweetwater Early Chasselas Early Malingre Ferdinand de Lesseps General Delia Marmora Gros Romain Pitmaston White Cluster Prolific Sweetwater Royal Muscadine Stillward's Sweetwater White Corinth White Frankenthal White Lady Downe's White Nice White Ris3ling White Sweetwater

II. Berries Oval, Or Nearly So

* Black or Purple.

a. Muscats. Black Muscat of Alexandria Ingram's Hardy Prolific Muscat Jura Frontignan Madresfield Court

Mrs. Pince's Black Muscat Venn's Black Muscat b. Not Muscats. Alicante

Alnwick Seedling Black Champion Black Cluster Black Hamburgh Black Monukka Black Prince

Blussard Noir

Cambridge Botanic Garden

Catalanesca Nera

Chilwell Alicante


Gros Maroc



Lady Downe's


Morocco Prince


Royal Ascot


Trentham Black

West's St. Peter's

* * Red, Tawny, or Striped.

A. Muscats. None b. Not Muscats. Barbarossa Purple Fontainbleau Schiras

*** White, Yellow, or Green.

A. Muscats. Canon Hall Muscat Muscat of Alexandria St. Laurent Muscat b. Not Muscats. Alexandrian Ciotat Bicane Cabral Chaouch Cornichon Blanc Early Green Madeira Early White Malvasia Ferdinand de Lesseps Foster's White Seedling Golden Champion Golden Queen Golden Hamburgh

Grosse Perle Blanche

Luglienga Bianca

Marchioness of Hastings

Mrs. Pearson

Panse Jaune

Pedro Ximenes

Reeves's Muscadine

Royal Vineyard

St. John's

Scotch White Cluster





Waltham Cross

White Lisbon

White Romain

White Tokay

Abercairney. See West's St. Peter's. Aegyptische. See Black Hamburgh.