For small establishments any of those marked* may be chosen.

I. - For Walls In The Open Air

Muscats. *Early Ascot Frontignan

Early Black Frontignan *Early Saumur Frontignan

July Frontignan

Not Muscats. Black July

*Early White Malvasia *Miller's Burgundy

Pitmaston White Cluster Purple Fontainbleau *Royal Muscadine Stillward's Sweetwater

II. - For Cool Vineries


Black Frontignan

Chasselas Musque *Early Saumur Frontignan

Madeira Frontignan *Meurthe Frontignan

Not Muscats. *Black Champion *Black Hamburgh Black Prince *Early White Malvasia

*Madresfield Court

Pitmaston White Cluster *Royal Muscadine

Scotch White Cluster

III. - For Pots In Orchard Houses

Muscats. Citron Frontignan *Early Saumur Frontignan Early Smyrna Frontignan Early White Frontignan

Not Muscats. *Cambridge Botanic Garden *Chasselas Vibert *Early White Malvasia

Red Chasselas *Royal Muscadine Scotch White Cluster Stillward's Sweetwater White Romain

IV. - For Forcing For Early Crops

Muscats. *Black Muscat of Alex andria *Doctor Hogg Duchess of Buccleuch. Red Frontignan

*Salamon's Frontignan

*White Frontignan

Not Muscats.

* Black Champion *Black Hamburgh

Buckland Sweetwater *Duke of Buccleuch *Golden Queen *Madresfield Court *Royal Muscadine *Trentham Black

V.-For Forcing For Late Crops

Muscats. *Bowcod Muscat Canon Ball Muscat *Mrs. Pince's Black Muscat *Muscat of Alexandria

Not Muscats. Alicante

Alnwick Seedling Black Damascus Gros Guillaume

Grosse Kölner *Lady Downe's *Mrs. Pearson *Trebbiano *West's St. Peter's