Stanwick Elruge

This is a large richly flavoured nectarine, exactly like Stanwick, a few days earlier than Elruge. It was raised from Elruge crossed with Stanwick, and is one of the seedlings of Mr. Rivera, of Sawbridgeworth. Flowers, small. Glands, round.

It is deliciously flavoured.

Temple. See Elruge. Vermash. See Peterborough.


The fruit is exactly similar to the Stanwick, and possesses all its richness of flavour; but it is a month earlier, and does not crack as that variety does. It was raised by Mr. Rivers from the Violette Hative, fertilised by Stanwick, and while it has the bitter kernel, small flowers, and kidney-shaped glands of Violette Hâtive, it is in all other respects similar to the Stanwick.

This is a very valuable acquisition. The tree succeeds best on the Black Damask Stock. It ripens in an orchard-house in the end of September.

Violet. See Violette Hâtive,

Violette de Courson. See Violette Grosse.

Violette Grosse (Grosse Violette Hative; Violette de Courson)

Fruit, larger than Violette Hâtive. Skin, pale green, marbled with violet red. Flesh, less vinous than Violette Hâtive, but an excellent fruit. Flowers, small. Glands, kidney-shaped.

Ripens early in September.

Violette Hative (Aromatic; Early Bruguon; Early Violet; Hampton Court; Large Scarlet; Lord Selsey's Elruge; New Scarlet; Violet; Violette Musquée)

Fruit, large, roundish ovate. Skin, yellowish green in the shade, dark purplish red, mottled with brown, next the sun. Flesh, yellowish green, deep red next the stone, rich, sweet, and vinous. Stone, roundish, deep reddish brown, and deeply furrowed. Flowers, small. Glands, kidney-shaped.

Ripens in the end of August and beginning of September.

Violette Musquée. See Violette Hâtive.

White (Emmerton's White; Flanders; Large White; Neat's White; New White; White Cowdray)

Fruit, large, nearly round. Skin, white, with a slight tinge of red next the sun. Flesh, separating freely from the stone, white throughout, very juicy, with a rich vinous flavour. Stone, small. Flowers, large. Glands, kidney-shaped.

Ripens in the end of August and beginning of September.

White Cowdray. See White.

Williams's Orange. See Pitmaston 0range.

Williams's Seedling. See Pitmaston Orange.

List Of Select Nectarines

Those marked * are suitable for small collections.

* Albert Victor *Balgowan

* Byron Elruge Hardwicke

*Humboldt *Lord Napier


Prince of Wales



* Victoria *Violette Hâtive *Rivers's White