A pretty little nut the size of a hazel-nut, with the husk, which is considerably longer than the nut, cut into linear segments to its very base. A pretty ornamental variety.


Husk, downy, about one-third longer than the nut; very deeply toothed, the segments being very long and narrow. Nut, exposed, medium sized, ovate, light coloured, downy; shell, soft, and may be pierced with the thumb-nail; kernel, small. Grows in clusters of four to six; does not keep well. Plant of slender growth; mid-season; prolific. - Hort.


Husk, downy, a little longer than the nut, deeply toothed, dark coloured. Nut, medium sized, very broad, the breadth exceeding the height, angular, or nearly square, with a broad fiat base, light coloured; shell, thick; kernel, very large, full, of excellent flavour. Plant of moderate growth; late growing; fruit ripens early. - Hort.

Burn's (Ŕ Grappes Précoce)

Husk, large, very downy, about the same length as the nut; very deeply toothed and partly reflexed. Nut, small, long, narrow, and gradually flattened towards the apex like a wedge; shell, downy, pale grey, thin. Grows in clusters of from six to eight. Plant of slender growth; prolific; early. - Hort.

Cape Nut. See Frizzled Nut.

Cannon Ball

Husk, finely downy, only about half the length of the nut, from which it soon parts, after being gathered; fringed. Nut, medium sized, nine-tenths of an inch wide, and eight-tenths high, round and depressed; shell, pale brown, not much striated, thin, and easily broken; kernel, plump and full, with an excellent flavour.

Raised by the late Mr. Richard Webb, of Calcot, Reading.

Cluster (A Grappes)

Husk, hairy, about the same length as the nut, in two parts, which spread out from the nut as it approaches ripeness; finely and deeply cut. Nut, quite exposed, small, long, flattened, spoon-shaped, light coloured; shell, thick and hard; kernel, full. Grows in clusters of from five to eight; strong flavour; ripens late. - Hort.

Corylus algeriensis. See Atlas. Corylus laciniatus. See Frizzled Hazel.

Cosford (Improved Cosford; Miss Young's; Thin-shelled)

Husk, hairy, as long as the nut and deeply cut. Nut, large, ovate, inclining to oblong; shell, light brown, finely striated with darker brown, very thin, so much so as to be easily broken between the thumb and finger; kernel, large and well-flavoured.

An excellent nut, and the tree is a great bearer.

Daviana (Duchess of Edinburgh)

Husk, nearly smooth or slightly downy, as long or a little longer than the nut and deeply cut.

Nut, large, roundish ovate; shell, pale brown, striated with dark brown lines, thin, very nearly as much so as the Cosford; kernel, full and of excellent flavour.

This is a fine nut, and worthy of universal cultivation.

It was raised by Mr. Richard Webb, of Calcot, near Reading, and named as a compliment to Sir Humphrey Davy..

Downton. See Atlas.

Downton Large Square. See Atlas.

Duchess of Edinburgh. See Daviana.