Large Black Fruited ( Gros Fruits Noir)

-Husk, very dark, hairy, nearly as long as the nut, in two divisions, fitting very close to the nut, thereby giving it a bare appearance. Nut, of medium size, long; the base narrow, widening to the apex, dark or dull coloured; shell, very thick; kernel, small. A moderate grower; prolific; does not ripen well. - Hort.


Husk, downy, large, a little larger than the nut; bluntly toothed, the segments slightly reflexed. Nut, medium sized, long, pointed at both ends, of irregular angular shape, of a dull grey colour; shell, very hard. Grows in small clusters. Plant of strong, late growth; ripens late. - Hort.

Liegel's (Sickler's Zellernuss; Jeeves's Seedling)

Husk, downy, short, three-quarters of the length of the nut; very deeply toothed and reflexed, the nut thereby being almost entirely exposed. Nut, large, oblong, with a broad rounded base, becoming flattened towards the apex, light coloured; shell, thin; kernel, large, full. Grows in small clusters; moderate grower; ripe mid-season. - Hort.

Mr. Barron has made a mistake in describing this under the name of Siegel's. It was raised by Dr. Liegel, of Braunau, a distinguished pomologist.

Loddiges's Barcelona (Barcehne de Loddiges)

Husk, very large, full, covered with short hairs, twice the length of the nut, which in some cases it completely covers; sharply serrated, light coloured. Nut, of medium size, being almost hidden in the large husk, angular, bluntly pointed at both ends, dark coloured; shell, very thick, hard; kernel, full. Grows in clusters of five or six. Plant of very robust growth, with large dark green leaves; a moderate cropper; fruit ripens early.

Very distinct, but too small. - Hort.

Miss Young's. See Cosford.

Merveille De Bollwyller (Weissmann's Zellernuss)

Husk, downy; about one-third longer than the nut, in two divisions; deeply and irregularly toothed, and pressing closely to the nut. Nut, large, rounded at the base, very broad, the breadth nearly equal to the height, tapering to a broad point, very regular and uniform, light coloured; shell, thick; kernel, large, fine flavour. Plant of strong growth; grows late; prolific; fruit ripens mid-season. A very handsome and excellent nut. - Hort.

Norwich Prolific

Husk, finely downy, rather deeply cut, and fringed as long and no longer than just to meet over the nut. Nut, large, roundish, or rather of a square shape, and blunt pointed; shell, pale with brown streaks, almost as thin as the Cosford; kernel, very plump and full, with a fine flavour of fresh almonds when just ripe.

An excellent nut, raised by Messrs. Ewing and Co., of Norwich. The tree is a good bearer.

Nottingham Prolific. See Pearson's Prolific.

Pearson's Prolific (Dwarf Prolific; Nottingham Prolific)

Husk, hairy, shorter than the nut. Nut, medium sized, obtusely ovate or roundish; shell, rather thick; kernel, full.

A very excellent variety. The trees are abundant and early bearers. I have seen them not more than two feet and a half high laden with fruit.