Husk, shorter than the nut, downy, coarsely fringed. Nut, about medium size, oblong, pale, and prettily striated; kernel, full and of good flavour.

Mr. Barron describes this under the name of Brindley.

Princess Royal. See Duke of Edinburgh.

Prolific Filbert

This is very much like the Frizzled Filbert, the husk being long, but not quite so much cut as in that variety, and the fruit is large and decidedly more preferable.

Purple Filbert (Purple-leaved)

This differs from the Red Filbert in having the leaves of a blood red colour, like those of the Purple Beech. The fruit is similar and quite as good as that of the Red Filbert. The husk is of a deep purple colour, and the skin of the kernel is flesh-coloured and not of so dark a colour as in the Red Filbert. It is therefore not only valuable as an ornamental shrub, but also as a fruit tree.

Red Filbert (Aveline Rouge; Franche Rouge; Grosse Précoce de Frauendorf; Rouge d'Alger; Red-skinned Filbert)

Husk, hairy, nearly as long again as the nut, round the apex of which it is contracted, as in the case of the White Filbert, but it is more open at the mouth than that is; deeply cut and of brown-red colour even to the base. Nut, medium size, oblong; shell, thin reddish brown; kernel, full, covered with a red pellicle.

An excellent nut, and the plant is an abundant bearer.

Red-skinned Filbert. See Red Filbert. Rouge d'Alger. See Red Filbert.

Striped Fruited (A Fruits Striés)

Husk, downy, longer than nut; deeply cut and spreading, thus exposing the nut when ripening. Nut, small, long, and narrow, with a flat point; irregular base, pointed, lightly coloured; shell, thin, hard. Grows in clusters of three to six. Plant moderately robust; grows late; free fruit; ripens early. A very pretty nut, but too small. - Hort.

ST. Grisier

Husk, downy, or having only short hairs; a little longer than the nut, which it presses closely; sharply toothed. Nut, medium size, short, roundish, with a broad base; of a dark brown or reddish colour; shell, thick, but easily broken; kernel, large, full, of excellent flavour. Grows in clusters of three to six. Plant of slender growth; very prolific; ripens early.

This appears to be the same as the reddish-coloured Barcelona nuts of commerce; perhaps the finest flavoured of all nuts. - Hort.

The Shah

Husk, very much like that of the Frizzled Filbert, longer than the nut, downy, deeply and coarsely cut, resembling mace. Nut, large, roundish ovate; shell, bright brown, striated with darker brown, rather thick; kernel, full and of good flavour.

An excellent nut, raised by Mr. Richard Webb, of Calcot; very distinct.

Sickler's Zellernuss. See Liegel's.

Webb's Prize Cob Filbert. See Lambert Filbert,

Weissmann's Zellernuss. See Merveille de Bolwyller.

White Filbert (Aveline Blanche; Barcelone Blanc; Close Filbert; Knight's Small; Remy)

Husk, hairy, very much longer than the nut, round the apex of which it is contracted. Nut, medium sized, oblong-ovate; shell, thin pale brown, striated with dark brown lines; kernel, full, covered with a pale pellicle, and of excellent flavour.

The tree is an abundant bearer, and one of the best for an extended cultivation.

List Of Select Nuts

Cosford Daviana Duke of Edinburgh

Lambert White Filbert