I. filberts. - Husk tubular, much longer than the nut. Nut oblong.

Lambert Filbert Purple-leaved Filbert

Red Filbert White Filbert ii. Spanish. - Husk as long or a little longer than the nut. Nut ovate.







Duke of Edinburgh


Frizzled Filbert Hartington Prolific Large Black Fruited Lichtenstein's Liegel's Primley Striped Fruited The Shah

III. cobs

Husk as long or a little longer than the nut. Nut roundish, angular


Aveline de Provence

Barr's Spanish


Cannon Ball

Loddiges' Barcelona Merveille de Bollwyller Norwich Prolific Pearson's Prolific St. Grisier

IV. hazel-nuts

Husk much shorter than the nut. Nut small, roundish, thick shelled.

Frizzled Hazel

Wild Hazel

A monograph of the Filberts and Nuts, by Mr. Barron, has been published in the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, which includes several varieties, chiefly of foreign origin, that I have not had an opportunity of seeing. I have therefore availed myself of this, and such of their descriptions as I have adopted are distinguished by Hort.

Atlas (Corylus algeriensis; Downton; Downton Large Square)

Husk, finely downy; as long, and even longer than the nut, which it embraces over the apex, deeply cut, forming a rather coarse fringe. Nut, large, roundish ovate, and somewhat angular; shell, thick, dark brown, striated with streaks of a paler colour; kernel, full, and of excellent flavour.

The plant is a vigorous grower and an abundant bearer.

This was introduced by Mr. Rivers, of Sawbridgeworth, from whom I received it, and he informed me that it is grown in Kybalia. The synonymes of Downton and Downton Square I give on Mr. Barron's authority. I believe this to be the Spanish Cob, which is widely diffused over the whole of Southern Europe and on the African coast.

Aveline Blanche. See White Filbert.

Aveline De Provence

Husk, hairy, a little longer than the nut, light coloured; sharply but not deeply toothed. Nut, short pointed, with a rather broad base, of a light grey colour, and parting freely from the husk when ripe; shell, very thick and hard; kernel, full. Plant of moderate growth; a great cropper, but late in ripening.

This appears to be the same as the light coloured variety of Barcelona nuts of commerce. - Hort.

Aveline Rouge. See Bed Filbert.

Barcelone Blanc. See White Filbert.

Barcelone de Loddiges. See Loddiges' Barcelona.

Barr's Spanish

Husk, downy, short, about two-thirds the length of the nut, which it presses closely; deeply and irregularly toothed, of a dull grey colour. Nut, much exposed, short, having a broad base, and tapering very nearly to the apex; shell, downy, very hard, of a dull grey colour. Grows in clusters of from four to six. Plant of medium growth; moderate cropper; ripens late. - Hort,