Hale's Early

A very early American peach of recent introduction. Fruit, of medium size, round, having a deep suture, one side of which is higher than the other, and depressed on the apex. Skin, suffused with crimson, which is covered with broad broken streaks of darker crimson, dark red towards the sun. Flesh, pale yellow, and scarcely at all coloured round the stone, from which it separates, tender, melting, and with a delicious flavour. Flowers, large. Leaves, with round glands.

This ripens early in August, before Early York, and is a very beautiful fruit when well coloured. Mr. R. D. Blackmore says, "This is a very fine fruit, and the best early yet in vogue."

Hardy Galande. See Violette Hâtive. Hâtive de Ferrieres. See Grosse Mignonne.


Fruit, medium sized. Skin, yellowish green, spotted with scarlet, bright red mottled with darker red next the sun. Flesh, greenish yellow throughout, rich and delicious. Stone, small, and smoother than that of any other peach. A good bearer. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands.

Ripens in the end of August.

Hermaphrodite. See Yellow Admirable. Hoffmann's. See Morrisania.

Honey (DC Montigny)

This is a curious oval-shaped peach of medium size, tapering at the apex into a sharp long nipple or beak, and marked with a distinct suture. Skin, covered with a very fine down, perfectly white, and splashed with broken bands or streaks of crimson. Flesh, perfectly white, with just a faint trace of red round the stone, from which it separates freely; very tender, melting, and juicy. Juice, abundant, sweet and rich, almost like a syrup. Flowers, large. Leaves, with kidney-shaped glands.

A very rich and delicious peach, quite novel in character, both in appearance and in flavour.

This is a Chinese variety, and was raised from seed sent to the Jardin des Plantes at Paris, by M. de Montigny, consul of France at Shanghai. The name of Honey Peach, which has been given it in England, is expressive of the peculiar richness of its flavour.


Very similar to the Catherine, but not so good. Flesh, clingstone. Flowers, small. Glands, kidney-shaped.

Incomparable En BeautÉ

Fruit, large, round, and depressed at both ends. Skin, pale yellowish green in the shade, but streaked with crimson and covered with deep brownish red next the sun. Flesh, white, dark red at the stone, melting and juicy, vinous, and with a somewhat musky flavour. A very showy fruit, but is not of first-rate quality. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

Ripe in the middle of September. Mr. Blackmore says that at Teddington it has no beauty at all.

Italian. See Malta.

Java Peach. See Flat China.

Johnson's Early Purple Avant. See Grosse Mignonne.

Judd's Melting. See Late Admirable.

Kew Early Purple. See Royal Charlotte.

Lady Palmerston

Fruit, large and handsome. Skin, greenish yellow, marked with crimson. Flesh, pale yellow, separating from the stone; rich and melting. Flowers, small. Leaves, with kidney-shaped glands.

This is a remarkably fine late peach, and ripens in the end of September and beginning of October.

It was raised by Mr. Rivers from Pine-apple Nectarine.