Malta (Belle de Paris; Italian; Malte de Normandie; Pêche de Malte)

Fruit, large, roundish, flattened at the top. Skin, greenish yellow, blotched with dull purple next the sun. Suture, broad and shallow. Flesh, greenish, light red next the stone, rich, vinous, juicy, slightly musky, and deliciously flavoured. Bears carriage better than any other peach. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands.

Ripe in August and September, and forces very well, but Mr. Black-more says it is not good at Teddington.

Marquis Of Downshire (Royal Ascot)

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and three-quarters wide and two inches and a half high; round, rather uneven in its outline, depressed at the crown, and with a deep suture, which is higher on one side than the other. Skin, greenish yellow where shaded, with a light red cheek, which is mottled with darker red where much exposed to the sun. Flesh, tender, juicy, melting, sweet, and highly flavoured, stained with red at the stone, from which it separates freely; stone, large. Flowers, large. Leaves, with round glands.

A very fine late peach, superior in quality to Barrington and Wal-burton Late Admirable. It was raised by Mr. John Standish, of Ascot.

Mellish's Favourite. See Noblesse.

Mignon à Bec. See À Bec.

Mignonne Dubarle

Fruit, medium sized, roundish, inclining to oval, terminating with a well-defined nipple at the apex, and marked with a distinct suture. Skin, highly coloured, being entirely covered with bright red on the side next the sun. Flesh, tender, melting, very juicy, and richly flavoured. Flowers, large. Leaves, with round glands.

This delicious peach is a very early form of Grosse Mignonne, and ripens about eight days earlier than Early Grosse Mignonne.

Mignonne Hative. See Early Grosse Mignonne.

Mignonne Petite. See Small Mignonne,

Mignonne Veloutée. See Grosse Mignonne,

Millet's Mignonne. See Royal George.

Monstrous Pavie of Pompone. See Pavie de Pompone.

Monstrueuse de Doue. See Peine des Vergers.

Montague. See Montauban.

Montagne Blanche. See White Magdalen.

Montauban (Double Montagne; Montagne)

Fruit, medium sized, roundish, narrow at the top. Skin, pale greenish yellow, red, marbled with darker red next the sun. Suture, distinct. Flesh, white to the stone, rich, and juicy. A good bearer. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands.

Ripe in the end of August.

De Montigny. See Honey Peach.

Morrisania (Hoffmann's; Morrison's Pound)

Fruit, very large, round. Skin, dull greenish white, and brownish red next the sun. Flesh, pale yellow, juicy, sugary, and richly flavoured. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

Ripe in the middle and end of September.

It is some years since this peach was introduced from America, but it has never found favour with our fruit-growers. It was first distributed by Governor Morris, of Morrisania, near New York.

Motteux's Seedling. See Late Admirable.