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Fruit, large, nine and a quarter inches in circumference, roundish, inclining to roundish oval, flattened, and rather pitted at the apex; the suture shallow, and passing a little beyond the apex. Skin, pale yellowish white, finely dotted with red, and with a good deal of colour next the sun. Flesh, white, very melting and juicy, rich, and deliciously flavoured. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

An American variety, which has not attained the excellence in this country which it is reputed to have in the United States. Mr. R. D. Blackmore says it is "utterly useless."


Fruit, roundish, depressed. Skin, pale yellowish green, with fine red next the sun. Flesh, very excellent. This very much resembles the Noblesse. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands.

Ripens in the end of August and beginning of September. At Ted-dington Mr. Blackmore found it not worth cultivating.

Superb. See Royal George,

Superb Royal. See Grosse Mignonne,


Fruit, very large, nearly round. Skin, rich yellow, with a beautiful red cheek extending nearly over the whole surface. Flesh, yellow, sweet, juicy, with a rich vinous flavour.

A large, handsome peach; ripe in the middle of September. The Rev. William Kingsley, of South Kilvington, near Thirsk, has grown this in great perfection. He informed me "one weighed well over the pound, and was twelve inches and three-quarters in girth. I gave it away, and it was not eaten for nearly a week, and was then said to be excellent."

Teton De Venus

Fruit, elongated, larger than the Boudin, but much paler, having but little colour next the sun, and pāle yellowish white in the shade, surmounted by a large turgid nipple. Flesh, white, red at the stone, delicate, sugary, and very rich. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

Ripens in the end of September.

This is quite distinct from Late Admirable, with which it is sometimes made synonymous.

Thames Bank

Fruit, about the size of Late Admirable, and rather more oblong in shape. Skin, deep orange yellow, marked on the side next the sun with several broken streaks of crimson. Flesh, tender, melting, and juicy, and, for a yellow-fleshed peach, highly flavoured.

This is a good late yellow-fleshed peach, and is highly ornamental in the dessert. It was raised by Mr. Rust, gardener to L. Sulivan, Esq., Broom House, Fulham.


The only apparent distinction between this and the Noblesse is in the habit of the trees, which in Vanguard is more robust and hardy than in the Noblesse; and the maiden plants rise with a prominent leader, while the Noblesse makes a round-headed bush. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands.

Van Zandt's Superb

Fruit, above medium size, oval. Skin, pale waxen yellow, almost smooth, and delicately mottled with red on the side next the sun. Flesh, separating freely from the stone, tender and melting, richly flavoured. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

An excellent American peach. Ripe in the middle and end of August.

Veloutée Tardive. See Nivette.

Vineuse de Fromentin. See Belle Bauce.

Vineuse Hātive. See Belle Bauce.