Violette Hative (English Galande; Hardy Galande)

This is evidently a variety of Bellegarde or French Galande, but is not so large in the fruit, and of a paler colour, although it also is of dark red colour next the sun. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

This variety may readily be distinguished by nurserymen, as it grows freely on the Mussel, while the Bellegarde requires the Pear-Plum or Brompton stock.

A large and very excellent peach, ripening in the middle of September.

Walburton Admirable

Fruit, large and round. Skin, pale yellowish green on the shaded side, and crimson, mottled with a darker colour, next the sun. Flesh, yellowish white, melting, juicy, rich, and highly flavoured. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

This is one of the best late peaches, and ripens in the end of September and beginning of October. The tree is very hardy and a good bearer. At Teddington Mr. Blackmore finds it ua very bad bearer, but a grand peach in warm seasons."

This was raised by Mr. Morton, gardener to R. Prime, Esq., at Walburton House, near Chichester, in Sussex.

Washington Rath-Ripe

Fruit, above medium size, round, and marked with a delicate suture. Skin, greenish yellow, or rather yellowish green, for the green predominates, and very considerably mottled all over with deep red. Flesh, firm, yellow, with sometimes a greenish tinge, and with a slight trace of red next the stone, from which it separates freely; very tender and juicy, with a rich vinous flavour. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

This is an excellent peach, deserving of general cultivation. It ripens about the middle of August. From the firmness of the flesh it bears carriage well.


Fruit, above medium size, two inches and three-quarters wide and two and a half high; roundish, depressed at the apex, in the centre of which is a small nipple marked with a rather deep suture. Skin, with a bright red cheek, which is mottled with darker red on the side next the sun, but with a pale greenish tinge where shaded. Flesh, pale throughout, with a greenish tinge, adhering slightly to the stone, melting, juicy, and richly flavoured. Flowers, large. Leaves, with kidney-shaped glands.

A very fine American peach, raised at Waterloo, N.Y., and introduced to this country by Mr. Rivers; it is very early, and ripens at the same time as Alexander.

White Avant. See White Nutmeg.

White Magdalene (Madeleine Blanche; Madeleine Blanche de Loisel; Montagne Blanche)

Fruit, medium sized, roundish, flattened at the base, and divided by a deep suture, which extends from the base to the apex, and terminates in a very slight nipple, which is sometimes wanting. Skin, easily detached from the flesh, yellowish white in the shade, and delicately marked with red next the sun. Flesh, white, with some yellowish veins running through it, which are tinged with red next the stone, from which it separates; juicy, melting, rich, sugary, and slightly vinous. Flowers, large. Leaves, without glands. Ripe in the middle of August.