Yellow Admirable (Abricotée; Admirable Jaune; Be Burai; Grosse Jaune; Grosse Peche Jaune Tardive; D'Orange; Pêche d'Abricot; Scandalie; Sandalie; Hermaphrodite; Scandalian)

Fruit, very large, roundish, narrowing towards the crown, where it is somewhat flattened, and from which issues a shallow suture, which diminishes towards the base. Skin, fine yellow in the shade, and washed with light red on the side next the sun. Flesh, firm, deep yellow, tinged with red under the skin, and at the stone, from which it separates; and of a rich sugary flavour, resembling both in colour and taste that of an apricot. Flowers, large. Leaves, with kidney-shaped glands.

Ripe in the middle and end of October.

Yellow Alberge (Alberge Jaune; Gold Fleshed; Gold Mignonne; Peche Jaune; Purple Alberge)

Fruit, medium sized, round, divided by a deep suture, which extends from the base to the apex, where it terminates in a considerable depression. Skin, adhering to the flesh, covered with fine down, of a deep rich golden yellow on a portion of the shaded side, and deep red on the other, which extends almost over the whole surface of the fruit. Flesh, deep yellow, but rich vermilion at the stone, from which it separates, and of a rich vinous flavour. Flowers, small. Leaves, with round glands.

Ripe in the beginning of September.

This in favourable situations succeeds well as a standard, and is frequently grown in nurseries under the name of Rosanna, but erroneously.