Leon Gregoire

Fruit, about medium size; pyriform in shape, somewhat like Beurré de Rance, a little undulating in its outline. Skin, yellowish green, very much clouded and mottled with dark mahogany brown russet over its whole surface, with only here and there patches of ground colour visible on the shaded side. Eye, dry, horny, and open, set in a slight depression. Stalk, upwards of an inch long, obliquely inserted, without depression. Flesh, greenish under the skin, gritty, very juicy, briskly flavoured.

A coarse and inferior pear; ripe in October.

Leon Leclerc De Laval

Fruit, large; long obovate, and rounding towards the eye. Skin, smooth and shining, yellow, strewed with brown dots, and marked with tracings of russet. Eye, large, with long, straight, narrow segments, set in a shallow basin. Stalk, an inch and a half long, inserted without depression by the side of a fleshy lip. Flesh, white, half-melting or crisp, juicy, sweet, and perfumed.

An excellent stewing pear, which in some seasons is half-melting, and is in use from January till May and June.

Leon Leclerc De Lou Vain

Fruit, medium sized; longish oval, and blunt at both ends. Skin, of a yellow colour, washed with red on the side next the sun. Eye, large and closed. Stalk, an inch long, and pretty thick. Flesh, yellowish, half-melting, juicy, sweet, and pretty well flavoured.

Ripe in the middle of November.

Leopold The First

Fruit, medium sized; oval, inclining to pyriform. Skin, greenish yellow, covered with flakes and dots of russet. Eye, open, irregular, slightly depressed. Stalk, an inch long, thick, and curved. Flesh, yellowish white, melting, very juicy, rich, sugary, and highly perfumed.

A first-rate dessert pear; ripe in December and January. The tree forms a very handsome pyramid.

Leopold Riche

Fruit, rather large, of the shape of Beurre Diel. Skin, yellow, thickly dotted with large cinnamon russet dots. Eye, open, with erect segments, set in a shallow depression. Stalk, half an inch long, slender, not depressed. Flesh, rather coarsegrained, crisp, and of the consistency of Passe Colmar; very juicy, with a rich, thick, sugary juice, and a fine almond flavour.

A very richly flavoured pear; ripe in the middle and end of November.


Fruit, medium sized; oblong-obovate. Skin, pale green, assuming a yellow tinge as it ripens, thickly covered with brown russet dots, and with patches of russet round the stalk and the eye. Eye, large and open, with long reflexed segments, slightly depressed. Stalk, an inch and three-quarters long, slender, and inserted without depression. Flesh, yellowish white, very tender, melting, and very juicy, rich, and sugary, with a somewhat aromatic flavour.

An excellent pear; in use from November to January. The tree is an abundant bearer, and hardy. The fruit adheres firmly to the tree, and is not liable to be blown down by high winds.

This excellent variety is of American origin, having been raised about the beginning of the present century on the farm of Mr. Lewis, of Roxbury, near Boston.

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