Bousselet Enfant Prodigue

Fruit, above medium size; obovate, somewhat bossed and undulating in its outline. Skin, clear deep green, considerably covered with smooth brown russet. Eye, large and open, with leaf-like segments, set in a round, deep, and uneven basin. Stalk, half an inch long, stout and woody, obliquely inserted in a wide shallow depression. Flesh, greenish white, half-melting, coarse-grained, with an abundant cold, brisk, sweet juice and a slight aroma, similar to that of Seckle.

An excellent pear, with a fine acidulous flavour; ripe in October. The tree is hardy, a good bearer, and forms a handsome pyramid.

Rousselet Hâtif. See Early Rousselet. Rousselet d'Hiver. See Winter Rousselet. Rousselet Jamin. See Heliote Dundas.

Rousselet De Jonghe

Fruit, small, curved; obovate, uneven and irregular in its outline. Skin, smooth, and of an uniform lemon-colour. Eye, very large and open, set even with the surface. Stalk, upwards of an inch long, curved, fleshy at the base, and united to the fruit by fleshy folds, without any cavity. Flesh, yellow, finegrained, firm, melting and juicy, with a very rich sugary flavour.

A delicious pear, the rich flavour of which compensates for its small size; ripe in November and December.

Rousselet De Meestre

Fruit, large; obtuse pyriform or pyramidal. Skin, smooth and shining, of a golden yellow colour, thickly dotted all over with large brown russet freckles. Eye, open, set in a wide, flat basin. Stalk, an inch and a half long, not depressed. Flesh, half-buttery, firm, pretty juicy, and well flavoured, but with nothing to recommend it.

Ripe in October and November.

Rousselet Musqué. See Rousselet de Rheims. Rousselet Petit. See Rousselet de Rheims.

Rousselet De Rheims (Rousselet Musqué; Rousselet Petit)

Fruit, small; pyriform, and rounded at the apex. Skin, green, changing to yellow at maturity, and thickly covered with grey russet specks, tinged with brown next the sun. Eye, small and open, slightly depressed. Stalk, an inch long, thick, and not depressed. Flesh, lmlf-melting, rich, sugary, and highly perfumed.

One of the oldest and best early pears. Ripe in September, but does not keep long.

Rousselet De Rheims PanachÉ

This is in every respect similar to the preceding, of which it is a bud sport, except that the leaves and fruit are striped with yellow and green.

Rousselet De Stuttgardt (Chevriers de Stuttgardt; De Stuttgardt; Stuttgardter Gaishirtenbirn)

Fruit, medium sized; pyriform or pyramidal. Skin, yellowish green, with brownish red on the side next the sun, and strewed with dots. Eye, open, set in a shallow basin. Stalk, upwards of an inch long, inserted without depression. Flesh, half-melting, very juicy and sugary, with a rich and perfumed flavour.

A good early pear; ripe in August. The tree is an excellent bearer, and forms a handsome pyramid.