Summer Portugal

Fruit, quite small; pyriform. Skin, bright grass-green, with a brownish blush on the side next the sun, and dotted all over with dark green dots; when quite ripe it is clear yellow, with a red cheek. Eye, large and prominent, wide open, and set even with the surface. Stalk, pretty stout, upwards of. an inch long, inserted without depression. Flesh, yellowish, tender, crisp, very juicy, sweet, and pleasantly flavoured.

An early pear; ripe in August. In appearance it is like a miniature Jargonelle.

Summer Rose (Épine Rose; Ognonnet; Rose; Thorny Rose)

Fruit, medium sized; oblate, and handsomely shaped. Skin, yellowish green, becoming more yellow as it attains maturity, with markings of russet on the shaded side, and bright reddish purple, covered with greyish brown specks, next the sun. Eye, open, set in a wide and shallow basin. Stalk, an inch and a half long, slender, and inserted in a small round cavity. Flesh, whitish, half-melting, gritty at the core, tender, juicy, sugary, with a pleasant, refreshing, and musky flavour.

A fine summer pear; ripe in August. The tree is healthy and vigorous, and an excellent bearer. Succeeds well as a standard either on the pear or quince.

Summer St. Germain (St. Germain d'Été; St. Germain de Martin; Short's St. Germain)

Fruit, medium sized; obovate. Skin, greenish pale yellow, mottled and speckled with brown russet. Eye, open, with dry membranous, cup-like segments, set in a narrow and slight depression. Stalk, an inch and a quarter long, slightly curved, and obliquely inserted in a small cavity; fleshy at the base, and with a fleshy lip on one side of it. Flesh, juicy, slightly gritty and astringent, with a brisk, sweet, and rather pleasant flavour.

A second-rate pear; ripe in the end of August.

Summer Thorn (Bugiarda; Épine d'Été; Couleur de Rose; pine d'Été Vert; Fondante Musque)

Fruit, medium sized; pyriform or long pyriform, and rounded at the apex. Skin, smooth, and covered with greenish russet dots, green in the shade, but yellowish next the sun and towards the stalk. Eye, small, open, with long broad segments, set in a shallow and plaited basin. Stalk, an inch long, curved, and obliquely inserted without any depression. Flesh, white, melting, juicy, and of a rich, musky flavour.

It is an excellent autumn pear; ripe in September, but does not keep long, as it soon becomes mealy. The tree is vigorous, a good bearer, succeeds well as a standard either on the pear or quince, but prefers the latter.

Suprême. See Windsor.

Surpasse Crasanne

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and a half wide, and the same high; roundish turbinate. Skin, completely covered with dark cinnamon-coloured russet, even on the shaded side. Eye, open, set in a deep and ribbed basin. Stalk, nearly an inch long, stout, and inserted between two lips. Flesh, somewhat gritty, juicy, melting, richly flavoured, and with a fine aroma.

An excellent pear; ripe in November.