Surpasse Meuris

Fruit, above medium size; obovate. Skin, smooth, lively green, changing as it ripens to yellowish green, and marked with a delicate tinge and a few faint stripes of red next the sun, and strewed with numerous brown dots. Eye, open, with short, rigid segments, set in a shallow, irregular basin. Stalk, an inch and a half long, inserted without depression, and frequently obliquely set. Flesh, white, very juicy, and with a rich, sugary, vinous, and sprightly flavour, similar to the Crasannes.

An excellent dessert pear; ripe in October. The tree is hardy, vigorous, a good bearer, and succeeds well as a standard. One of Van Mons' seedlings.

Surpasse Heine. See Rameau.

Surpasse Virgoulieu

Fruit, large; oblong, even and handsome. Skin, smooth, lemon-yellow, thinly dotted and spotted with cinnamon russet. Eye, open, with long stiff segments. Stalk, short and thick, obliquely inserted. Flesh, white, very tender, buttery and melting, rich and sugary.

A delicious pear; ripe in October.

Susette De Bavay

Fruit, medium sized; turbinate. Skin, yellow, covered with numerous large russet dots and traces of russet. Eye, open, placed in a shallow undulating basin. Stalk, an inch long, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, melting, juicy, sugary, and vinous, with a pleasant perfume.

Ripe in January and February, and valuable for its lateness.

Raised by Major Esperen, of Malines, and named in compliment to Madame de Bavay, wire of M. de Bavay, nurseryman at Vilvorde, near Brussels.

Swan's Egg

Fruit, medium sized; roundish ovate. Skin, smooth, yellowish green on the shaded side, and clear brownish red next the sun, and covered with pale brown russet. Eye, small, partially closed, slightly depressed. Stalk, an inch and a half long, inserted without depression. Flesh, tender, very juicy, with a sweet and piquant flavour and musky aroma.

A tine old variety; ripe in October. The tree is very hardy, and an excellent bearer.

Swan's Orange. See Onondaga.

Sweet Summer. See Jargonelle.

Swiss Bergamotte. See Bergamotte Suisse.

Sylvange (Sylvange; Bergamotte Sylvange; Green Sylvange; Sylvange Vert)

Fruit, medium sized; turbinate. Skin, bright green on the shaded side, darker where exposed to the sun, and thickly covered with dark grey russety dots and several patches of dark russet. Eye, small, set in a shallow, uneven basin. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, slender, and obliquely inserted by the side of a fleshy protuberance. Flesh, tinged with green, particularly near the skin, tender, juicy, and melting, with a rich, sweet flavour.

A dessert pear; ripe in October. The tree is vigorous, a good bearer, but requires the protection of a wall to bring the fruit to perfection, and succeeds best on the pear.

Sylvange d'Hiver. See Easter Beurré. Sylvange Vert. See Sylvange. Sylvestre d'Automne. See Frederic de Wurtemberg. Sylvestre d'Hiver. See Frederic de Wurtemberg. Table des Princes. See Jargonelle.