Bassin (Bellissime d'Eté; Jargonelle (?); Saint Laurent; Just; Belle Corné lie)

Fruit, medium sized; obtuse pyriform. Skin, smooth and shining, of a fine rich lemon-yellow colour, strewed with large russet dots on the shaded side, and bright light crimson, marked with a few broken streaks of darker crimson, and strewed with white dots on the side exposed to the sun. Eye, open, with long, spreading, downy segments, placed in a shallow depression. Stalk, an inch long, placed on a level with the surface, or in a slight cavity. Flesh, white, rather dry, with a sweet, slightly perfumed, and somewhat astringent juice.

An inferior pear; ripe in the middle of August.

This, we are informed by M. Decaisne, is sold extensively in the markets and streets of Paris. It is the fruit described by Duhamel under the name of Bellissime d'é té , and I believe it to be the Jargonelle of Merlet; but as there is so great confusion among the names and synonymes of Bellissime d'été . Jargonelle, Suprême, and Vermilion d'été of different authors, I have followed M. Decaisne, and here adopted his nomenclature, so as to prevent any further difficulty, and adopted a name by which this variety may be henceforth distinguished.

De Bavay. See Autumn Colmar.

Beadnell's Seedling

Fruit, below medium size; turbinate or obovate, even and regular in its outline. Skin, smooth, and somewhat shining, and before it is ripe of a bright green colour, with dull red cheek on the side where exposed to the sun; but when ripe the green becomes yellow, and the dull red crimson, and where the two colours blend there are some stripes of crimson; on the coloured side it is thickly dotted with minute grey dots. Eye, open, set level with the surface, or rather a little prominent, and surrounded with small bosses. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a small round cavity. Flesh, melting, very juicy, sweet, and richly flavoured.

A fine early pear, ripe in the middle and end of September, but it does not keep long. The tree is a very abundant bearer, and well adapted for orchard culture. It is a vigorous and healthy grower, and somewhat spreading in its habit.

This was raised by Mr. John Beadnell, of West Green Road, Tottenham, Middlesex, and the tree fruited about 1840.

Beauchamps. See Bergamotte Cadette.

Beau de la Cour. See Maréchal de Cour.

Beau Present. See Jargonelle.

Beauté Hâtive. See Fondante de Brest.

Bec d'Oie. See Angleterre.

Bec d'Oisseau. See Angleterre.

Belle Cornélie. See Bassin.

Beau Present D'Artois (Présent Royal de Naples)

Fruit, large and pyriform. Skin, greenish yellow, covered with patches and dots of brown russet. Eye, small and closed, set in a shallow basin. Stalk, about an inch long, slightly depressed. Flesh, melting, juicy, sweet, and pretty good flavoured.

Ripe in September. Mr. Blackmore says it is worthless at Tedd-ington.

Beauté de Terwueren. See Uvedale's St. Germain.

Bedminster Gratioli. See Jersey Gratioli.

Bein Armudi. See Best de la Motte.

Bell Pear. See Catillac.

Bell Tongue. See Windsor.

Belle Alliance. See Beurré Sterckmans.

Belle Andrienne. See Vicar of Winkfield.

Belle Angevine. See Uvedale's St. Germain.

Belle d'Août. See Hampden's Bergamot.

Belle Après Noel. See Fondante de Noel.

Belle d'Austrasie. See Jaminette.

Belle de Berri. See Vicar of Winkfield.

Belle des Bois. See Flemish Beauty.