Bergamotte De Coloma

Fruit, rather below medium size, two inches and a quarter high, and the same in breadth; roundish obovate. Skin, greenish yellow, becoming bright yellow when it ripens, and with a pale tinge of red on the side next the sun; the whole surface is covered with large pale brown russet dots, and there are patches of russet round the eye and the stalk. Eye, open, set in a small shallow depression. Stalk, half an inch long, stout, inserted obliquely by the side of a fleshy protuberance. Flesh, yellowish white, not very juicy, somewhat gritty, with a brisk and not a rich flavour.

An inferior pear; ripe in the end of October.

Bergamotte Commune. See Bergamotte d'Automne. Bergamotte Crapaud. See Bergamotte Bufo. Bergamotte Crasanne. See Crasanne.

Bergamotte Destryker (Bergamotte de Stryker)

Fruit, small, even, and regularly shaped, roundish. Skin, smooth, and somewhat shining, of a greenish yellow colour, and marked with russet dots. Eye, very large and open, with long, broad, and spreading segments. Stalk, about three-quarters of an inch long, quite green, and inserted without depression. Flesh, white, half melting, and very juicy. Juice, thin and watery, sweet, and pleasantly flavoured. A second-rate little pear; ripe in the end of October.

This was raised by M. Parmentier, of Enghein.

Bergamotte Duss Art

Fruit, above medium size, three inches wide, and three inches and a quarter long; roundish turbinate, considerably resembling the Doyenne Blanc in shape. Skin, bright green at first, but changing, as it ripens, to lemon-colour, dotted with numerous green, brown, and grey dots, and marked with large patches of dark green, and a thin coating of russet round the stalk. Eye, open, placed in a wide and shallow cavity. Stalk, about an inch long, set in a shallow but wide and undulating cavity, and sometimes pressed to one side by a large swelling. Flesh, white, tender, and melting, very juicy and vinous, with a slight acidulated, sugary, and perfumed flavour.

A very excellent dessert pear; in use from November till January.

The tree is a free grower and hardy, a very abundant bearer, and succeeds well as a pyramid or standard equally well on the pear or quince.

It was raised in Belgium by M. Dussart, a gardener at Jodoigne, about the year 1829. I received it in 1849, and first saw the fruit in 1851. From what I then observed of its quality, it appeared to be a variety worth cultivating. Mr. R. D. Blackmore finds it an inferior fruit at Teddington.

Bergamotte Esperen (Esperen)

Fruit, medium size, frequently above medium size, varying from two inches and three-quarters wide and two inches and a quarter high, to three inches and a half wide and three inches high. It is, in the smaller fruit, distinctly Bergamot-shaped, but in large and well-grown specimens it is rather turbinate, narrowing abruptly to the stalk, even and regular in its outline. Skin, coarse and rough, at first of a dark green colour, covered with large brown russet dots, but, as it attains maturity, it assumes a dull greenish yellow hue, and the numerous large russet dots become grey; sometimes, on the side that has been exposed to the sun, it assumes a faint orange tinge. Eye, small and open, with a dry, rigid, horny calyx, of no regular form, set in a pretty deep, wide, and even basin. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, stout, and somewhat fleshy at the insertion, and placed in a small narrow cavity. Flesh, yellowish, fine-grained, quite melting, very juicy and sugary, with a pleasant aroma.

A most delicious late pear, coming into season from about the middle of February, and lasting till April. A fit successor to Winter Nelis, but Mr. R. D. Blackmore says it does not ripen well in his garden at Teddington.

It was raised from seed about the year 1830, by Major Esperen, of Malines. "Pierre Joseph Esperen was born at Ghent, 29th January, 1780, and died at Malines, 13th August, 1847. He entered the service in 1804 as a volunteer, and resigning at the restoration, he was free to indulge his tastes in pomology. His temporary return to the service in 1830 gained for him the rank of major.""

Bergamotte d'Eté. See Summer Franc Réal, Bergamotte d'Eté Grosse. See Hampden's Bergamot. Bergamotte Fiévée. See Fondants d'Automne. Bergamotte Fortunée. See Fortunée. Bergamotte de Fougère. See Bergamotte de Hollands. Bergamotte Geerard. See Gilogil.