Bergamotte De Jodoigne

A small Bergamot-shaped fruit, with a yellow skin, dotted all over with russet dots. The flesh is tender, melting, rather gritty at the core, juicy, sweet, and with an agreeable perfume.

Its greatest merit is its long keeping, being in use up till May; but, like all late pears, it is hardly worth growing.

Bergamotte LesÈLbe

Fruit, below medium size, two inches and a half broad, and the same in height; Bergamot-shaped. Skin, dark green at first, but changing as it ripens to golden yellow, speckled with cinnamon-coloured russet, and strewed with darker brown dots, particularly towards the eye, and tinged with a crimson blush on the side next the sun. Eye, open, clove-like, with short segments, set in a wide and irregular basin. Stalk, half an inch long, stout, inserted on the extremity of the fruit without depression, and with several fleshy folds at its base. Flesh, white, coarse-grained, half melting, very juicy, and nicely perfumed.

A second-rate pear, hardly worth cultivating; ripe in the first or second week in October.

The tree was raised by M. Lesèlbe, in a vineyard on the estate of Lochefuret, mear Tours, and it first produced fruit in 1843.

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Bergamotte Mico

Fruit, about medium size, two inches and three-quarters broad, and the same in height; roundish, and not unlike a small Easter Beurré. Skin, greenish yellow, covered with freckles and dots of cinnamon-coloured russet. Eye, closed, with rather long awl-shaped segments, like those of Easter Beurré, and set in a shallow depression. Stalk, half an inch long, rather stout, and placed in a narrow round cavity. Flesh, coarse-grained, gritty, and without much flavour.

An inferior pear; ripe in the end of November, when it becomes mealy.

Bergamotte De Millepieds

Fruit, about medium size, two inches and three-quarters long, and two inches and a half broad; obovate, uneven in its outline, and considerably furrowed and knobbed round the eye. Skin, when ripe, of a deep lemon-yellow colour, sprinkled all over with large russet dots, and with an aurora glow on the side next the sun. Eye, small, closed, and deeply sunk, having narrow pointed segments. Stalk, an inch long, stout, and woody, placed rather on one side of the fruit, and with the flesh rising higher on one side than the other. Flesh, tender, buttery, and melting, finegrained, richly flavoured.

A delicious pear; ripe in the end of October.

It was raised by M. Goubault, of Angers, at his country residence, Millepieds, a short distance from Angers, on the road to Saumur, and I am indebted for it to M. André Leroy, of that city, who has been good enough to furnish me with many of the finest fruits recently produced in France.

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