Fondante De Nees

Fruit, large; long obovate. Skin, of a fine deep yellow colour, mottled and dotted all over with pale brown russet. Eye, small and open, with short erect segments level with the surface. Stalk, an inch long, thick, and fleshy, inserted on the end of the fruit without depression. Flesh, yellowish, buttery, not very juicy, and with a sprightly flavour.

A second-rate pear; ripe in the middle of October.

Fondante De Noel (Belle après Noel; Belle de Noёl; Bonne de Noёl; Souvenir d'Esperen)

Fruit, medium sized; turbinate. Skin, smooth lemon-yellow, very thin, covered with traces of russet and numerous minute russet dots, sometimes tinged with red on the side next the sun. Eye, open, and prominent, with short erect toothlike segments, set in a broad, shallow basin. Stalk, long, obliquely inserted by the side of a fleshy lip. Flesh, melting, juicy, sweet, and well flavoured.

December and January.

Fondante du Panisel. See Délices d'Angers.

Fondante De La Roche

Fruit, small; even and regular in its outline, obovate. Skin, entirely covered with cinnamon russet.

Eye, open. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, curved. Flesh, yellow, buttery, melting, sweet, and agreeable.

A second-rate pear; ripe in the middle and end of September, but soon decays.

Fondante De Sickler

Fruit, about medium size; roundish, inclining to turbinate. Skin, smooth, of a bright and permanent pea green, even when ripe, thickly covered with large brown russet freckles. Eye, open, with short, stout, erect segments, set in a wide and shallow basin. Stalk, an inch long, slender, inserted without depression by the side of a fleshy lip. Flesh, white, tender, and juicy, but of inferior flavour, the juice being quite watery.

A very inferior pear; ripe in the end of November and beginning of December.

Fondante Van Mons

Fruit, medium sized; roundish, and somewhat depressed. Skin, thin, and delicate, of a fine waxen yellow colour, mottled with very thin cinnamon-coloured russet. Eye, open, with short and slightly recurved segments, set in a very shallow depression. Stalk, an inch long, set in a narrow and rather deep cavity. Flesh, white, juicy, melting, and sugary, with a slightly perfumed flavour.

An excellent dessert pear; ripe in September and October, but not so rich as Fondante d'Automne, which is ripe at the same time.

Fondante De Woelmet

This has some resemblance both in shape and colour to Beurré Ranee. It has also the same coarseness of flesh, which has a greenish tinge under the skin. Very juicy, rather crisp, and with a fine brisk vinous flavour.

An excellent pear, ripe in the middle of November; and although it lacks richness of flavour, still it is excellent, and altogether peculiar.

Fontenay Vendee. See Jalousie de Fontenay.

Forelle (Trout; Truite)

Fruit, medium sized; oblong-obovate, but sometimes assuming a pyriform shape. Skin, smooth and shining, of a fine lemon-yellow colour on the shaded side, and bright crimson on the side next the sun, covered with numerous crimson spots, which from their resemblance to the markings on a trout have suggested the name. Eye, small, set in a rather shallow basin. Stalk, an inch long, slender, inserted in a small shallow cavity. Flesh, white, delicate, buttery, and melting, with a rich, sugary, and vinous flavour.

An excellent pear; in use from November till February. The tree is hardy, and a good bearer. Mr. R. D. Blackmore says it is very small and hard at Teddington.