Charlotte Rothschild

Fruit, large, cylindrical, sometimes tapering a little towards the crown; dark olive green, changing when ripe to a fine rich yellow colour. Pips, large and flat; scales half covering them, and terminating in short blunt points. Flesh, yellow, tender, and melting, and richly flavoured. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, lilac.

Common Queen. See Queen.


Fruit, tall and conical, weighing from six to seven pounds; dark purple, tinged with brownish red, and very mealy, but when ripe deep reddish yellow. Pips, about medium size, slightly prominent; and the scales copper-coloured, covering about one-third of the pips, and terminating in long acute points. Flesh, almost white, opaque, soft and melting, without much fibre, juicy, and rather rich and sweet. Crown, small, often cockscomb-shaped. Flowers, lilac.

A very handsome pine, but neither very rich nor highly flavoured.

Fairries Queen. See Hurst House.


Fruit, globular, sometimes rather cylindrical; dark olive, changing as it ripens to darkish yellow; slightly mealy. Pips, middle size, rather prominent, the scales covering about one-third, and terminating in rather lengthened points. Flesh, yellow, transparent, very juicy, and slightly stringy, sweet, rich, and rather acid. Crown, small. Flowers, lilac.

It generally weighs from three to five pounds, but does not swell readily during winter.

Hurst House (Fairries Queen)

Fruit, large, tall, conical; dark dull olive, changing as it ripens to dull yellow. Pips, prominent, half covered with the scales, which have long points. Flesh, juicy, firm, and of good flavour. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, purple.

A useful summer pine, weighing from six to eight pounds.

Lady Beatrix Lambton

Fruit, large, tall, conical; rich yellow when quite ripe, with an orange tinge in the furrows of the pips. Pips, an inch across, flattened, one half covered by the bright copper-coloured scale. Flesh, pale yellow, tender, and transparent, very juicy,, and richly flavoured. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, purple.

The fruit weighs from seven to eleven pounds.

Raised at Lambton Castle, Durham, by Mr. Stevenson.

Lemon Queen (Barbadoes Queen)

Fruit, cylindrical; bright lightish green, but pale lemon-colour and slightly mealy when ripe. Pips, rather above medium size, flat; the scales covering about one-half, and terminating in short points, which adhere closely to the fruit. Flesh, pale yellow, transparent, very juicy, slightly stringy, rather sweet and pleasant, though not very highly flavoured. Crown, medium sized, often cockscomb-shaped. Flowers, large; lilac.

Lord Carrington

Fruit, large, weighing from five to six pounds, conical, and handsomely shaped, of a fine dark orange colour.

Pips, medium sized, nearly flat. Flesh, yellow, tender, melting, and very juicy, with a rich and delicious flavour. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, purple.

This fine winter pine was brought into notice by Mr. Miles, gardener to Lord Carrington, of Wycombe Abbey, and received a first-class certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1877