Queen (Common Queen; Old Queen)

Fruit, cylindrical; pale green and mealy, changing to rich deep yellow when ripe. Pips, rather below medium size, and a little prominent, the scales covering rather more than one-third, and ending in lengthened points. Flesh, pale yellow, very slightly fibrous, melting, remarkably juicy and sweet, with a rich pleasant acid. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, lilac.

This is supposed to be the oldest pine-apple we have, and it is one of the best varieties we have for general cultivation. The kind called Ripley's Queen is more tender, and does not throw up so many suckers.

Ripley (Old Ripley; Montserrat of Nicol)

Fruit, roundish ovate, sometimes rather cylindrical, slightly compressed at either end; very deep green, thickly covered with meal on the middle part of the pips; pale copper-coloured when ripe. Pips, rather above medium size, and prominent, the scales covering about one-half, and terminating in long acute points. Flesh, pale yellow, very sweet and rich, firm and crisp, not stringy, and of a very agreeable flavour. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, purple.

This is easily distinguished by being densely covered with meal on the centre of the pips. It is a large, handsome, highly flavoured fruit, and swells freely in winter.

ST. Vincent

Fruit, rather small, bluntly conical, slightly mealy, of a dull olive colour, changing to dingy yellow when ripe. Pips, medium sized, flat, rather depressed in the centre, the scales covering nearly the half, and having short tops, which adhere closely to the fruit. Flesh, pale yellow, juicy, crisp, without much fibre, rich, sweet, and very highly flavoured. Crown, medium sized. Flowers, purple.

This generally weighs from two to four pounds, and swells readily during the winter months.

St. Vincent's Cockscomb. See Montserrat. St. Vincent's Sugar-loaf. See Black Jamaica.

Smooth-Leaved Cayenne

Fruit, large, weighing from seven to ten pounds, cylindrical; dark orange-yellow. Flesh, pale yellow, rich, and highly flavoured. Crown, large. Flowers, purple.

This is the best of all winter pines.

Smooth-Leaved Havannah (Green Havannah)

Fruit, cylindrical, tapering a little towards the summit; dark brownish purple, very mealy, changing to dark orange when ripe. Pips, large, flat, and a little depressed in the centre, the scales covering one-third, and terminating in a long reflexed point. Flesh, pale yellow, rather solid, without much fibre, very juicy, rich, sweet, and highly flavoured.

Silver-Striped Queen

This differs from the Queen in having the margins of the leaves striped with white.

Thoresby Queen (Bennett's Seedling)

Fruit, large, weighing from six to eight pounds, ovate or cylindrical; clear yellow. Pips, flat, covered about one-half by the scales. Flesh, orange-yellow, of good flavour. Crown, small. Flowers, purple.

Trinidad (Pitch Lake)

Fruit, tall, conical; dark olive, lightly covered with meal, changing when ripe to dark orange, and lightly tinged with red on the lower part of the pips, which are large, roundish, and only slightly angular, and with depressed centre, except in the lower part of the fruit, where they are a little prominent. Scales cover about half the pips, and terminate in long acute points in the lower part, but near the top they are shorter. Flesh, yellow, soft, with little fibre, very fragrant and sweet, without acidity, delicately and highly flavoured. Crown, very small. Flowers, lilac. Leaves, considerably tinged with reddish brown.

The fruit attains to about six pounds weight.

White Providence. See Providence.