Dana's Yellow Gage

Fruit, medium sized; oval. Skin, pale yellow, clouded with green, and covered with thin bloom. Flesh, juicy, sweet, with a sprightly and peculiar flavour.

A dessert plum; ripe in the end of August and beginning of September. Young shoots, smooth.

This is an American variety, and was raised by the Rev. Mr. Dana, at Ipswich, Mass.

Dauphine. See Green Gage.

La Delicieuse. See Cooper's Large.

Denbigh (Cox's Emperor)

- Large, and exactly like a short fruit of Pond's Seedling, being roundish oval, or short oval, and the skin is of the same colour. Flesh, yellow, adhering rather to the stone.

A cooking plum; ripe in the middle of September. Shoots, downy.

Dennie. See Cheston.

Denniston's Superb

Fruit, above medium size; short oval, and a little flattened, marked with a distinct suture, which extends quite round the fruit. Skin, pale yellowish green, marked with a few purple thin blotches and dots, and covered with bloom. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, yellow, firm, juicy, rich, sugary, and vinous, adhering to the stone.

A first-rate dessert plum, equal in flavour to and rather brisker than Green Gage; ripe in the middle of August. Shoots, downy.

This delicious plum is of American origin, having been raised by Mr. Isaac Denniston, of Albany, in the State of New York.


Fruit, very large; oval, marked on one side with a distinct suture, which is deepest towards the stalk. Skin, dark purple, approaching to black, and covered with pale blue bloom. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, inserted in a narrow and deep cavity. Flesh, deep yellow, coarse in texture, juicy, and with a brisk agreeable acid flavour; it separates with difficulty from the stone.

One of the best preserving or cooking plums; ripe in the middle of September. The tree is a vigorous grower, and an excellent bearer. Young shoots, downy.

This valuable plum was raised in the nursery of Mr. Hooker, of Brenchly, in Kent.

Diaper. See Diaprée Uouge.

DiaprÉE Rouge (Diaper; Imperial Diadem; Minims; Red Diaper; Roche Corbon)

Fruit, large; obovate. Skin, pale red, thickly covered with brown dots, so much so as to make it appear of a dull colour, and covered with thin blue bloom. Stalk, half an inch long, inserted in a slight cavity. Flesh, greenish yellow, firm, and fine-grained, separating, but not freely, from the stone, juicy, and of a rich, sugary flavour.

A good plum for preserving or the dessert; ripe in the middle of September. Shoots, downy.

Imperial Diadem and Mimms were introduced as new plums, but proved to be identical with this. It is called Roche Corbon from a village near Tours. The Diaprée Rouge of Knoop has the flesh closely adherent to the stone.

Diapree Violette. See Cheston.

Dorelle's Neue Grosse Zwetsche. See Nouvelle de Dorelle.